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Type O Negative – IYDKMIGTHTKY (Gimme That) Lyrics 9 months ago
It's about addiction.

The title stands for "If you don't kill me I'm gonna have to kill you". The idea being that if the addiction doesn't kill the person, they're going to have to kill the addiction.

The "it referred to is the addiction. "It's been doing some thinking. . ." "whether it was born or bred, genetic, environment" i.e. was the person born with a personality to be addicted to alcohol of drugs or was it acquired through the environment?

"So longs to hear her final words, I brought this on myself". Addiction leads to death- a favourite Type O theme.

Then quite possibly my favourite lyric ever "The theory of futility, now you learn, so be prepared- Enemies are equal to wrath times the speed of fright squared". It's a parody of Einstein's theory of relativity- Energies are equal to mass times the speed of light squared- (E=mc^2). You can't run away from an enemy that is a part of you- it's effectively a universal constant.

Department of Probation, legally it can't be blamed- you can't lock up addiction- it's just madness.

The "Gimme that" is what the addiction makes people say. The outro "no place to hide, your choice not mine" is what confronts every addict.

I think the track's very cool. While addiction from the drug's point of view has been done before (Master of Puppets), not many people have Pete's turn of phrase, or cynical humour.

Seal – Crazy Lyrics 5 years ago
It's Seal defending LSD and the acid-house scene he grew up with.

"A man decides after 70 years, that's what he goes there for, to unlock the door"-

Reference to Aldous Huxley, who died aged 69 in his 70th year. Huxley wrote "The Doors of Perception" (which the band "The Doors" were named after), a book which popularized LSD usage. When he was dying, he requested to be given a ridiculously large amount of LSD- showing a key purpose of his life was LSD- why he took it was to "unlock the door" to his creative potential. Many people criticized his encouragement of the drug in the early 60s.

"Fractal on a breaking wall.."-

A fractal is a pattern. When you trip, your brain reacts strongly to visual stimuli. Your memories can come alive like in a dream. Seal seeing his friend again (presumably his friend's dead, that's why it's a "miracle" might be a reponse to staring at some graffiti on a wall while tripping. The wall could even be the graffiti covered Berlin Wall which was being broken up at the time this was written and was on TV.

"Crazy yellow people running through my head..."

Talks about Vietnam, the fact that the country had been whole just a few years before and that countrymen who were at each other's throats had "been friends at school". At the same time as the Vietnam war was going on which the US was involved in, at home in the US and UK people, including the Beatles, were experimenting with LSD in a big way. This was the age of the first summer of love with the hippys' and their slogans "make love not war" and "give peace a chance". Seal is wondering whether, if the people in Vietnam had experienced the same mind-altering experience that Seal and his friends had when they first took ecstacy (I guess it's ecstacy becuase LSD usually isn't in pill form) during the second "summer of love" in the 80s when ecstacy was in heavy club use, they would be so eager to kill each other.

"In a sky full of people, only some want to fly, isn't that crazy..?"

People say to people doing LSD, "Isn't that crazy?" Seal turns the question round and says the above, isn't it crazy not to take LSD and fly? and again "We're never going to survive, unless, we get a little crazy", he views drugs as a release from the pressures of this world.

"Only a child knows"
Recalls the Christian idea of childish wisdom. Drugs can reduce you to a happy childish state, which some might term "wise", a sense of cosmic oneness.

Please note, I do not endorse drug use, I only believe Seal was talking about the potentially beneficial effects of LSD and Ecstacy.

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