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The Clean – Thumbs Off Lyrics 22 days ago
The third verse is pretty tough to make out, but from what I hear and from the flow of the story, I'd guess it goes a little more like this:

He turned to his friends but they turned away
"you'll only make us older"
He said c'mon, c'mon let's jol
I think you'll do your shoulder
They left him alone sitting on the road
You know his head was full of garble
Her voice was just clear as you and I know
And that day he hit the wall

Pixies – Something Against You Lyrics 1 year ago
“Here we go.” Yep. I’ve always thought the track sequencing on Surfer Rosa left something to be desired, and it’s mainly because this song early on at track 3 is really the rejoinder to the rest of the album, the song in which all the lies (Bone Machine), frustration (River Euphrates), self-deception (Gigantic), suffering (Break My Body, and a few others) and cognitive dissonance (Where Is My Mind) congeal into a singular Old Testament-style retributive rage so intense that in the end it gives way to psychosis (and thus the cycle of suffering begins again).

Probably to my mind more hard core than Husker Du, more metal than Metallica, whatever you’re feeling after listening to this, you’re likely feeling it with a gusto (and I know some who hate it). And that’s the general idea I guess.

David Bowie – Lazarus Lyrics 2 years ago
Just a guess but I suspect Bowie is in imagined dialogue with his greatest idol and fellow glam rock auteur Lou Reed in this song. Mention of New York and bluebirds (see "Candy Says" by The Velvet Underground) seem more than coincidental to me.

Sonic Youth – Disappearer Lyrics 3 years ago
I’ve never given much thought to what might be going on in these lyrics but reading them now 20+ years later they seem quite a lot deeper than I’d ever considered.

In fact there’s quite a bit in this song to suggest it could be about the religious experience, and what someone might experience when they contemplate God in an Eastern mystical sense from the view of a dingy New York apartment...

So there’s mention of meditation...
"I'm back in, time to stay... Into the eastern, silent way"

And chanting/ prayer...
"Now it's a singing song..."
"Been playing on a, simple rhyme..."

And someone departed/transformed to become 'it"
"It's been a man and gone..."
"It turns to me and, it turns to gold..."
(who could well be the Buddha... statues of the Buddha are often gold)

And in many forms of Eastern thought God is within you, thus the mirror...
"Ghost arise to, dirty mirror"

And finally what seems like a lament for the decline in the popularity of the compassionate religions of the East, only briefly popular in the West in the 60s...
"You've been away too long
It's been way too long
An eastern star is on
A disappearer"

And even the guitars in the intro sound like tolling bells! Amazing.

Father John Misty – Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings Lyrics 6 years ago
Yep excellent song. My 2c it's about people who act like they love you only to desert you when you really need them. They're really just not worth it are they?

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