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Bob Dylan – Goin' to Acapulco Lyrics 6 years ago
i originally assumed that "rose-marie's" was a brothel too, but i can't be completely sure. i'm not really sure it even matters, she's more of an idea to represent the longing and everything that goes with it.

Bob Dylan – Goin' to Acapulco Lyrics 6 years ago
seems to me like the narrator is some kind of criminal/gangster who gets his money by doing wicked deeds and then runs south to mexico to see his lover and have some fun. it's a plaintive love song on one hand; an expression of our deeply human need sometimes to just go home; and also an interesting view on the life of such a criminal, rather than a judgmental or self-righteous condemnation. the lyrics are really great, plenty of johnny cash type attitude, and filled to the brim with humanity.

Bob Dylan – Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat Lyrics 6 years ago
It's just about a hat and the pretentious girl wearing it. This line had me in stitches

"You know it balances on your head
Just like a mattress balances on a bottle of wine"

What a rinse!

Kings of Leon – Trani Lyrics 7 years ago
great song, ridiculous comments. "its a transvestite" "ten is a measurement of coke" "he's saying gin/tin"

the lyrics are "oscillating on the ground, blowing white noise sound, like a trani on ten"
it's a description of an overdose. oscillating on the ground is pretty obvious. a 'trani' is a transistor radio, 'on ten' refers to full volume - common rock n roll slang as most amps go up to ten. hence if you turn a transistor radio up to full volume it kinda crackles and sounds like white noise and sounds altogether pretty fucked up - as i'm sure a person would sound while OD'ing.

the first verse sets the scene. the second verse describes a girl who only takes drugs when there's people to witness it - the song seems to be about young people getting mixed up in grimy stuff just sort of for the sake of it, out of confusion, not really having a purpose or direction in their lives, and it all ending pretty tragically. hence it's a sad and angry song, and seeing these people ruin their lives really affected him.

that's my two cents anyhow.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Jewel Lyrics 7 years ago
devastatingly beautiful
couple of mistakes:

Old dust, old dirt, they're mine and only mine
I'm just some mortal, you are so divine
You control the game without playing it right

Raise high in me what ONCE did sink below
All dark within now radiantly glows
Come on take me back all that time ago

Our love was just one of your discarded jewels
You think back to it's price and oh you feel a fool
But in that certain light, it LOOKED so beautiful

Oasis – Supersonic Lyrics 8 years ago
the lyrics arent 'nonsense' u retards, this song paints a picture of working class, unemployed drunken drugged up life and the despair that comes with growing up with no aspirations in this environment. the verses are about this mundane lifestyle and the chorus/pre-chorus is a warning - make an effort to get out or you'll end up like the dude in the chorus: alone, drunken (under a waterfall) and invisible. fucking brilliant song

noel isnt shallow with his lyrics, theyre honest and have meaning, if you cant see it go listen to justin bieber

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