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Sia – She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) Lyrics 5 years ago
The comments so far have been valid but i feel the meaning is slightly different to what has been offered. I think the hunting imagery has pushed people to think abusive relationship but really its just about the chase.

So i think the singer suspects him and this girl have some past he hasn't told her about, referred to in "shot in the dark, A past lost in space". She then talks about her perspective how he pursued her and she couldn't help but fall in love. But now that he has the singer, this other girl he has a past with has become interested in him and is stealing him away. This is represented in "did she lie and wait, was i bait, to pull you in". The singer is questioning if he ever wanted her at all or he was just trying to make her jealous.

Now the chorus. "you loved me and i froze in time" is how she was so happy with things just as they were, but then she realises he is actually after this other girl. the singer still loves him and wants to be with him, but she knows he will always want this other girl more, and that ladies and gentlemen is why she is falling to pieces.

Massive Attack – Teardrop Lyrics 5 years ago
i think your right, but in your fit of rage you have overstated yourself, and thats when you begin to look like an idiot yourself. the song can be about abortion because that is loss aswell. you can assert yourself if you believe you are correct and justify, but there is no need to criticise.

Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta Lyrics 6 years ago
although it is looking at suburban culture i think the focus is more on himself and that he doesnt fit in. so he feels somewhat superior, in intelligence but his superior intelligence is outnumbered and overruled by todays modern idiots.

the first verse with the mirror is about the realisation that he is just another human and flawed like all the rest, although he doesnt feel like he should be.

second verse is about masturbation. he is thinking of a girl he once had and the human desires he felt for her, but i suspect at the same time he feels he wont be able to get another woman because he doesnt feel like an ordinary person.

the chorus "im not sick but im not well" talks about being somewhat depressed. as a result people may think hes sick more so mentally than physically, and he knows he isnt, but at the same time he knows there is something not right with him.

he also realises that the smart people like himself are not breeding as much. this is because they think to much, and are getting no where causing them to die out.

the hospital verse is once again about how no one understands him and cant help him. because people are too stupid to understand what hes thinking they diognose him with something they can understand, madness(sickness). in doing that they assume hes crazy but really they just dont understand, and the amputee bit is like witch doctor medicine which occured because the old doctors didnt understand the ilness they were facing much like people dont understand the thoughts hes having.

the second to last verse is about trying to fit in with them by getting piercings, listening to their music, and trying to kill his brain so that he can fit in and rid himself of his accused madness.

finally he decides he cant fit in and its like "everybody is out to get me" because they dont understand him, so he want to get away and hide like a mole. this verse also mentions social interaction. he finds what they talk about boring because its stupid, however as a result he doesnt have many topics to speak about, so his thoughts of conversation might as well be "snoring" and as a result of having nothing to talk about he is boring, "then your boring". this is also the irony mentioned at the end, his refusal to talk about something boring is making him boring, and as a result he cant fit in with society, suming up the whole song.

The Naked And Famous – Young Blood Lyrics 7 years ago
I think the majority of us can agree its about young love. i think it is about the naivity, but largly it focuses on the passion and how fast it can change. i think the 1st verse is largely there to sum that up. "The mood it changes like the wind, hard to control when it begins" is the line ive placed particular importance on, especially because of the strength it sounds out with the music.

"Can't help myself but count the flaws
Claw my way out through these walls
One temporary escape
Feel it start to permeate"
the second verse (above) is about the passion changing to feeling trapped. id say they are claiming the doubt is a result of inexperience, as we assume every little doubt we can think of means the love is wrong. and the doubt consumes us.

"We lie beneath the stars at night
Our hands gripping each other tight
You keep my secrets hope to die
Promises, swear them to the sky"
the third verse, especially when compared to the second, i believe shows the sudden change in emotion. its sounds like a timeless moment of closeness. the promises, swear them to the sky, is the presumption that this joy will last forever. on a very personalised opoinion and not necisarily the intended meaning, i think the line about "swear them to the sky" could portray the hollowness of the promise by almost sending it to god (who i dont believe in). what that would mean is that you think your making a unbreakable divine promise, when really your promising no one. like i said that last bit is heavily opinionated.

"The bittersweet between my teeth
Trying to find the in-betweens
Fall back in love eventually
Yeah yeah yeah yeah"
the chorus im not as sure about. the first line there i guess is refering to taste of maybe a kiss or something, which would be physical passion, unlike the emotional passion in the verses. fall back in love eventually is the changing emotions again. and trying to find the in-betweens is the one that really throws me off. at the moment im presuming its looking for a steady level of love rather than the rollercoaster in the rest of the song.

"As it withers
Brittle it shakes
Can you whisper
As it crumbles and breaks
As you shiver
Count up all your mistakes
Pair of forgivers
Let go before it's too late
Can you whisper
Can you whisper
Can you whisper
Can you whisper"

this is the other bit i wasnt 100% on. it seems like a fight, and its saying they both forgive each other but they need to let go of pride before its too late. and the wispers i have no idea. but it sought of sets a mood to those last lyrics.

i dont know how well ive done here as i am 18 myself so my understaning of the meaning can only really be based on predictions of a change in relationship dynamics when im older and steriotypes.

Boy & Bear – Blood to Gold Lyrics 7 years ago
My interpretation of the lyrics is that its about wanting out of a relationship. i suspect its like an obligated mariage or something. so his mums telling him he has to go through with it. being cold could be cold feet, or being emotionly cold. blood turning to gold is a sense that what he has isnt enough (financially), so hes waiting on something impossible to happen and solve his problems, but really he knows hes got to run or hes doomed.

second verse he concludes that he can't wait anymore, so he has to run. so yea the rose is a sorry. hes hoping she will understand.

what im not really sure about is "it takes a man to keep them hungry" and the gun. i think the gun could be giving her a suicide option for leaving her with all his troubles.

if you got any ideas about those things or a different meaning, let me know :)

Pendulum – The Island, Part I (Dawn) Lyrics 7 years ago
your opinion is prety close i think, but i think its a bit more than just sex. the first verse is glorifying her, which would be desire at the club. "what are you waiting for" is when he just wants the sex. then for the chorus, after the sex, he doesnt feel fufilled, and i think this is what the songs about. The island implies isolation, and the meaningless sex isnt fufilling the need. the third paragraph is during the sex. the passenger is probs refering back to the drugs/alcohol, which is motivating her to have sex. his reflection lost, is a loss of self, his head escaping is him no longer wanting to be there.

so yea the song isnt about the night, but the unfufillment realised because of the night. but i want to say thanks because the only reason i got to this conclusion was because of your post.

Pendulum – Watercolour Lyrics 7 years ago
I think the songs actually about faith in religion. putting yourself through trials, suffering the misfourtune of this life, just waiting for god to say enough and take him to heaven

The Wallflowers – Empire Of My Mind Lyrics 7 years ago
i think theres a bit more to it than wrong and right. the empire is spectacular, and i think its a metaphor for greater meaning. he knows the things he wants to do are wrong but hes looking for a reason no to do them. but the problem is if he cant see a greater purpose or a reason to do the right thing then he cant justify that there is wrong and right, hence "see a line..seperating wrong from right".

the references to another person might actually be god, the giver of a devine purpose. "im guilty by desgn" is my favourite line, as i think its a reference to the poem 'Design' by robert frost,which is about the intentions and existance of god.

Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks Lyrics 7 years ago
its about a disturbed kid going on a killing spree (no shit).

1st verse: he is just about to start shooting, and is hanging around with a shifty look and a revolver and no one suspects a thing. and the cowboy stuff means he's having fun with the idea of how cool it will be (probably to hae that power). cowboys are also lone figures which is important. but the line "and i dont even know what" any ideas? also the fact that hes called "Robert", is that name significant?

Chorus: pumped up kicks are probably like Nike airs and stuff, which probably means all the trendy popular kids, and hes going to shoot them. by telling them to run (even if not literaly) he is playing with them and enjoying this, because you cant run faster than bullets.

second verse: it says "daddy works a long day" which i think has an ironic innocense in assuming hes working that whole time. i think whats actually happening when dad's coming home late and bringing a surprise is he's coming home late drunk and beating him. dinner on ice is neglection. dinner reference + "ive been waiting a long time" suggests that he is at the dinnertable waiting for his dad to walk in. on top of that i think it also means he has been waiting along time for the opportunity of revenge. now reasoning with the cigarette is entertaining himself while he waits. the cigarette is probably acting as his concience he personifies it but also dismisses its opinion "And say your hair's on fire, you must have lost your wits"

if you think i got it right let me know and if anyone can help me with that first verse a bit that would be nice

Vampire Weekend – Cousins Lyrics 7 years ago
ok well most of you are getting close but i recon your slightly off. the song is about origins.

You found a sweater on the ocean floor
they're gonna find it if you didn't close the door
you and the smart ones sit outside of their sight
in a house on a street they couldn't park on at night

sweaters are regaurded as a posh kind of clothing, and finding it then closing the door is denying your rich. smart ones, out of sight, the street they couldnt park on at night, they intentionally pretended they were poor to stay. i get poor because a good car will get broken into on a bad street. in summary this person denied a rich background for the sake of their profession.

Dad was a risk-taker
his was a shoemaker
you, greatest hits 2006 little list-maker,
heard codes in the melodies
you heeded the call
you were born with ten fingers and you're gonna use them all

grampa worked a hard honest profession, dad put his ass on the line to get where he is, then their is you who makes pointless music lists for a living. i get the negative assumption from "little", meaning insignificant, and the fingers bit, which says is that your only talent, counting on the fingers you were given at birth (counting/listing)

Interesting colors I discovered myself
if your art life is gritty, you'll be toasting my health
if an interest in culture should be lining the wall,
when your birthright is interest you could just accrue it all

this is about them and their music. they have used "gritty" in terms of courage not texture. basically our music is bold and heavily influenced by culture and diversity. the whole bit here is rather self explanitory. this

as for the chorus i think 'learningtoharmonise' hit the nail on the head.

so basically

Vampire Weekend – The Kids Don't Stand a Chance Lyrics 8 years ago
i dont like that panama canal interpretation. it feels to specific, and too far in the past. plus i dont get some elements of it such as how that bit about the plants relates to any of the other lines in the verse. i like the drug trafficing approach. the verse
"I didn't like the business
But that was at first glance
Your pillow feels so soft now
But still you must advance"
seems to take a youth getting dragged into the underworld business and getting used to it. it doesnt seem to fit as well in your interpretation.
TommyF115 or anyone else, could you clarify this all for me because i know my interpretation is flawed too but i dont know enough about the panama canal to comprehend.

Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma Lyrics 8 years ago
not only do i love your interpretation but i love your views on content over punctuation. i may not be in a special ed class but i lose like 2-3 marks every essay due to bad spelling and grammer, when i feel the conent is solid and origional.

Scissor Sisters – Filthy / Gorgeous Lyrics 8 years ago
ahh see i thought it was your biggest money makers plastic not flacid, but yea if the songs about tranny hookers then i guess that makes sense. see i thought it was about whores in general, looking prety but being dirty and diseased. Frozen in fire's quote kinda ruins that though

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead Lyrics 8 years ago
ok i think this is not about sex but a coma. "everything going to the beat" is the importance of the heartbeat on the monitor besides the bed continuing.
first paragraph i suspect the victim has sever burns and wants to be put in an induced coma to stop the pain. i justify this with the constant references to burning, noting the present context from burning. this is hard for the singer to hear as "the fire like salt water in my eyes", their pain , and posibly choice to go into a coma makes the singer weep.
second paragraph the family and friends are all there, nothing to say, courage failing, standing around the walls like they are not even there. and as for the singer "My beard grew down to the floor and out through the doors" indicating that he is always waiting by the bedside grieving.
the other posibility is that this is not a comba but a deathbed, which also works for much te same reasons.
Thoughts people. have i got this right?

Muscles – Ice Cream Lyrics 8 years ago
Ok i think the song can be interpreted to have drug related meaning but it has a little too much meaning to be about drugs alone. looking at "he could have a knife", i notice that it gives a theretical context to the situation. after that line and the ones that follow he states that "i dont know how to react and if i should fight back", and using the situation presented at the start he is deciding weather he should stand up for himself. of course he wishes he wasnt in this situation, and he wants to live carefree, hence icecream, and dance with my shirt off (of coarse this refers to avoiding conflict in general not just on the train).

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