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Chris Cornell – Ordinary Girl Lyrics 5 months ago
@[ScamRansom:20525] RIP Chris...I appreciate this song as it was...even more now that you're gone. One of the greatest songwriters and vocalists of all-time.

Chris Cornell – Ordinary Girl Lyrics 5 months ago
About gold-digging the metaphor use in this song

Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Hunter Lyrics 6 months ago
RHCP meets Chris Isaak

Red Hot Chili Peppers – This Ticonderoga Lyrics 7 months ago
The Ticonderoga is their boat and the ride they are taking is life. All of the ups and downs based along the rocky waves. Not the best lyrically, but the switching tempo and hard rock element make this one of my faves on the album.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dreams of a Samurai Lyrics 7 months ago
Sounds like it's about Scott Weiland (tour bus reference). RIP.
An obvious reflective piece. Unique track for their record. Not my favorite, but definitely the most lyrically innovative on the album.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Out of Range Lyrics 6 years ago
In my perspective, the best song ever created by anyone, anytime!

It's definitely a tough one to decipher as many here have tried. It definitely ties into both love and addiction. I choose addiction of love.

Think of when you are with someone you love an you are attached to them. You feel addicted to their mere presence. They complete you and provide that natural high.
Maybe to Anthony, it reminded him of the heroin high he used to get. Longing for something/someone you know you can't have makes him yearn for that feeling to want to be with them.

Only he knows in reality what he's trying to say. The beauty of music is that people interpret it and relate to that interpretation. If you've been in love with someone you met out of town, or have ever been an addict, this song speaks to your heart.

Embrace it, love it, and more importantly, jam to this amazing musical masterpiece!!!

Calexico – Inspiracion Lyrics 7 years ago
An amazing song if you understand spanish. It's one of those songs that only speaks to your heart in Spanish.

Basically, it's a breakup song. It's about someone striving hard to get over their first love. They go through the world seeking that same innocent feeling of that first love; only to realize that they can't find it and will never get over that person they loved ever so dearly.

So they try to come back into their lives changed for the better. Only that person is telling them that it's too late to have changed as they are over them.

OUCH! lol

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Runaway Lyrics 7 years ago
This is a breakup song. He's laying down the process of a girl breaking up with him. Listen to the lyrics from the bridge and he's explaining that he's afraid to hear the words that he knows are coming. The words being, "it's over".
He's been in denial about his relationship even though his intuition is telling him that the girl does not love him and wants it to end.

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