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KMFDM – Vogue Lyrics 6 years ago
This song is the best song.

Die Antwoord – Enter the Ninja Lyrics 7 years ago
All up in the interwebz? Really?

The Killers – Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll Lyrics 9 years ago
The guitar at the "I'll take my twist with a shout" part sounds considerably like Nirvana's "In Bloom."

Nine Inch Nails – The New Flesh Lyrics 9 years ago
Videodrome reference. Watch it if you haven't. David Cronenberg, 1983.

KMFDM – Light Lyrics 9 years ago
KMFDM stands for "Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid" ... the literal translation of that is "no majority for the pity" and is grammatically incorrect (and nonsensical) in German. However, it's usually loosely translated as "no pity for the majority" or "no mercy for the masses."

I'm a bit out of practice with my German, so these are very rought. At times, the meaning of a word can change depending on whether it's capitalized or not. At the time of this posting, the lyrics here are not ideal for translation (there are several grammatical as well as capitalization errors), and can be found in proper German on the KMFDM website. Regardless, here's my rough translation of the German part of this song.

Musik ist Macht
Music is power

Eine ausgesprochene Verbindung von schlau und dumm
A strong connection between smart and dumb

Geräuschsüchtigen wird unter immensem Druck und Leidenschaft größte Freude und Vertrauen abgesaugt
Noise addicts will be drawn in under immense pressure and passion, the greatest joy and faith

Der Helden Riff ist der Froschfresser
The heroes' reef is the frog eater (like I said, I may be off with this, especially since I might not translate idioms correctly)

Der Rhythmus ein schöner Schwan
The rhythm of a beautiful swan

Nur die Worte ein Blutegel an Deinem Gehirn
Simply the words of a leech in your brain

Keiner Macht für Dich mehr
No more power for you (if the "M" in "Macht" were lowercase, this would translate to "no one does more for you" ... so it's kinda ambiguous, especially since on the KMFDM website, certain pronouns are capitalized in the lyrics when grammatically they shouldn't be, so yeah... that plus my sucky German = ???)

A Place To Bury Strangers – To Fix The Gash In Your Head Lyrics 9 years ago
I agree with what you said. I hadn't been sure of what to make of the "to fix the gash in your head," but I can definitely see it that way.

I'm definitely reminded of that feeling when someone leaves you, that combination vulnerability and hurt, mixed with wanting to lash out at him/her for making you feel the way you do. "Every time you leave/I go down" ... the hurt, "... and kick your head in" ... turned into anger, wanting to make the other hurt the way you do, and then all of that mixed with that sort of numb, "I'm going to ignore my feelings, I don't care about you, I'm happy" sort of gleefully angry fuck you emotion, if that makes any sense at all. Ha, I'm horrible at translating my thoughts into words...

Sum 41 – Underclass Hero Lyrics 10 years ago
It sounds really familiar, and I can't place it...
And the "pledge allegiance" part reminds me lyrics-wise of Green Day's Minority (the megaphone effect type thing probably also contributes to the Green Day resemblance) ...
Fun song though.

Nine Inch Nails – Capital G Lyrics 10 years ago
It is primarily about greed - I agree that there are definitely other meanings that you can read into it, but it is mostly about greed. Not only has Trent Reznor said this, but, if you download the file off their website and open it in GarageBand, there's a part where there's a crowd chanting 'greed.' I would have never noticed had I not been able to see it isolated in GarageBand... so yeah, mostly greed, but I agree that it has other implications.

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