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Johnny Rebel – Alabama Nigger Lyrics 11 years ago
I like the song, and this thread is an example of why I like it. NO ONE seems to get it!

First, I'd like to point out that it is uncertain that this song is a Johnny Rebel song. It is NOT included in ANY official Johnny Rebel song catalog, which consists of only twelve songs (excluding recordings he has made in the 2000's, which obviously do not include this song). SO MANY songs which are racist in nature are attributed to Johnny Rebel when they are not. It doesn't SOUND like Johnny Rebel, it is not CLAIMED by Johnny Rebel, and the "most" offical entity representing Johnny Rebel's recordings (there is dispute over who actually owns the catalog) does not include it, in ANY FORM, on any Johnny Rebel offering. Since it is unknown who owns the music, Johnny Rebel's music is primarily bootleg distribution, but NO COMPANY that makes a serious claim to the catalog includes "Alabama Nigger" on ANY album. You can't count on every bootleg that includes the song as having reliably identified the song as a Johnny Rebel song. There are only 12 "old school" Johnny reb songs, and this ain't one of them!

I strongly doubt that "Alabama Nigger" is a Johnny Rebel song. I've seen this song attributed to Waylon Jennings (it actually sounds more like him than Johnny Rebel) and even Johnny Cash (which is ridiculous). It appears to be unknown who wrote or performed the song, so because of it's subject matter, it is attributed to Johnny Rebel by default.

Of course no one is making this observation because everyone is busy being angered or hateful. Anger and hate both lead to the same place intellectually. Angry or hateful people do not tend to ask questions, and questions are important to critical thinking. This song, and this thread, are very amusing because they both demonstrate how easily people abandon contemplation when they are angry or hateful.

People assume that racist music is just pure, blind hatred. This simply is not true. Pure unadulterated racism is not the foundation of most early racist music. If you actually LISTEN, what you will hear is a message that is basically ECONOMIC in nature, with the racism following as a logical consequence of what was percieved as imposed economic inequality. LISTENING is actually important to UNDERSTANDING. Understanding does not mean you have to AGREE, it simply means that you have been intellectually honsest. And there is VERY LITTLE intellectual honesty coming from racists and non-racists alike in the posts on this song!

David Allen Coe said that "me and my family was living proof to people who forgot about poor white trash" and even Johnny Rebel refers to himself as a coon-ass (racial slur for Cajuns). Oversimplifying Johnny Rebel as JUST a hate-monger is taking the easy way out. One could easily argue that segregationist or supposedly "racist" music became more voilent and hateful because very few could see through the frustration being expressed in this music: they KNEW they were nothing but white trash honkys and coon-asses and just weren't lucky enough to be niggers. And it pissed them off.

You can understand it without agreeing with it. Ignorance is always bad. Ignorance leads to hate. So it isn't in anyone's best interest to be ignorant of why this music was made.

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