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The Juliana Theory – This Valentine Ain't No Saint Lyrics 11 years ago
I think its "you like to POINT your finger"
not "pull your finger"

The Juliana Theory – We Make The Road By Walking Lyrics 11 years ago
theres an error in the lyrics up there.
"Words hurt, truth heals sometimes both kill"

Flyleaf – I'm Sorry Lyrics 11 years ago
I don't understand the song.
I think.. its about her being raped.
But it seems like she liked/enjoyed it.
Even is in love with this person...
SOMEONE explain this to me lol

Bonnie Tyler – Have You Ever Seen the Rain? (CCR cover) Lyrics 11 years ago
It just about how everybody will tell you "it'll get better" "it'll be okay" but he knows it won't, becuase its been like this all his life, and he can't see any change in the "weather"

12 Stones – Running Out Of Pain Lyrics 11 years ago
I agree, its about a girl in an abusive relationship.
The verses are her 'story'
And the chorus is the singer telling her that he can only do so much for her, she has to leave him.
But she hides the fact she's being abused,
He keeps telling her; "only you can set you free"

And in the second chorus, she breaks up with him.
And as she walks away from his abusive hands,
He tells her; "You'll never make it alone"

Barenaked Ladies – Helicopters Lyrics 11 years ago
I think its talking about like media following war coverage esp from this;

"Just as soon as we were on the ground
We were back in the jet
Just another three-day foreign tour we'd never forget
It's hard to sympathize with all this devastation
Hopping round from site to site like tourists on vacation"

12 Stones – Fade Away Lyrics 11 years ago
i think the song is a anthem for people who are trying to prove their worth to people(rents, peers)

And the chourus is that person saying they won't let their fear of being rejected/letdown rule their life.
"But I won't be afraid
Just because you don't need me
I will not be ashamed
Just because you don't believe in anything that I say
Now I turn and I walk away from you "

Simon and Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence Lyrics 11 years ago
I'm not sure about the rest of the song,
but this part is about the Deaf(can't hear)
"People talking without speaking,
People hearing without listening,
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one deared
Disturb the sound of silence.

"Fools" said I,"You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows.
Hear my words that I might teach you,"

Sign Language(SP?)!
"..talking without speaking,
Hearing without listening,
Hear my words that I might teach you"

My oppinion

Kids in the Way – Last Day Of 1888 Lyrics 11 years ago
hmm.. besides several typing errors, it looks ok.

its about how the world judges people..
I know its how I feel alot.
"I'd cut my heart out of my chest..
..if I thought you'd think differently of me"

Eve 6 – Showerhead Lyrics 11 years ago
"I loved you while he was
in you in the shower"

I think he's saying that he was being true and he whole heartedly(SP?) loved her.. even while she was cheating on him

Project 86 – When Darkness Reigns Lyrics 11 years ago
Close Cuevo.. really close.

Its how Satan can really mess us up by making us think a problem that we've fallen into, we can't get back out of. We blame ourselves for it.
"I might as well bow in shame
Overmatched, outwitted, defeated is my only name
I believe everything you tell me
You've got me convinced I'm guilty"

And durring that time is when "Darkness reigns"

"When darkness reign across the channels and mediums I feel the loss
Face to face with the possible death of dreams
Mental purity fades to the obscene
Hence the search for another crutch
Another void-fill, another can to serve as much"

Thats talking about how media often makes people feel worthless, and they search for a 'crutch' (Drugs, sex, alchohol, ect)

"You'd have me adopt that suicide
You'd have me succumb without reply
But you forgot the thousand deaths I've died
You'd have me continue this pace
You'd have me join your race
But that grave will be nothing but an empty space
Arise from the dead, O sleeper, prepare for the battle cry
Because this is the hour when truth divides..."

This is when he remembers that this world is only temporary.. He knows soon enough Jesus will return and he'll be perfected and knows that everything that happens, all the pain/defeat won't last.

Project 86 – Safe Haven Lyrics 11 years ago
I agree 110% with estocopath
"Together we are so, so ugly with rejection
But to our, our eyes we, we're the ones shimmering
I've unplugged the wires from your spine
At first you'll be afraid
But we will be so content
And we
Will live.

When I hear that I think of a Matrix feel as well.
The singer has 'wakened' someone up from the mainstream world and.. yeah

Project 86 – Soma Lyrics 11 years ago
Yeah I'd agree about the "anti-medication" but add to it. He's been fighting against the grain all his life, never let him self get involved with any of the 'fads'. Wouldn't become another cog in the modern society's machine. But they kept fighting him, trying to make him conform. And at the end of the song something bad happens in his life, and the world helps me back.. but doesn't do it without a price.
"If you you can amputate my heart
Then I will learn to smile and then
You can replace me with yourself
And I'll become the model citizen
And I will tell them all
That I had this breakthrough surgery
They give you a pill
They remove your heart
And replace it with a battery"

And thus.. another spokesperson for the mainstream world is born...

Project 86 – P.s. Lyrics 11 years ago
P.S. = Porn Song(P86 said it them selves)

Project 86 – Another Boredom Movement Lyrics 11 years ago
*note* the track is "to brighten your day" not "...and help you sleep"

Project 86 – Bottom Feeder Lyrics 11 years ago
*go to Little Green Men and read my comment*

Well after loosing his record label, stand returns to his hometown and moves back in with his broken family. He runs into a old friend(read "Caught in the middle") like sxedantheman said, he gets involved in a fake relationship and keeps trying to get out, but is trapt.

Project 86 – Another Boredom Movement Lyrics 11 years ago
*read my comment in Little Green Men*
This follows up the track "...and help you sleep" which is stan entering a rehab center for his drinking issue he got trapt with in the song Team Black...

Now his band is reached the top of the charts,
Everybody wants more and more of their music..
But everything that goes up must come down.

"The grins of your puppeteers are beaming
Because the quotas will be made
Or your time in the spotlight will fade
At the hands of the same pigs that made you

So speak of movements
To move more units
And invent brand name for your “believers”
Like brands on slaves

We’ll still be waiting for something stimulating
Because in the end all you sold us was boredom"

They release a 'black sheep album' or something of the like, and they start to die off, their label company kicks them out on the street...

Project 86 – Your Heroes Are Dead Lyrics 11 years ago
Also its "Gallows are calling" not "Cattle's calling"

Project 86 – Your Heroes Are Dead Lyrics 11 years ago
*read my comment in Little Green Men to catch up*

Stan returns to his hometown after being gone for several months(years?) and finds his family in total ruin. All the people(the "heroes") that his family follow'd have let them down, while his hero(God) is still going strong with him.
This part is him confronting his parents/peers.
"You said I'd never make it
That I could only fail
But I'm the one who's standing
And what has happened to you?

Now that we're left here on our own
There's nowhere left to turn
He will see us through
Now that we say goodbye to you
We've started something new

Your heroes are dead, they're all in your head
When nothing is left we'll start again
Your heroes are gone, they left with the dawn
Now it's just us, we'll carry on "

Project 86 – Team Black Lyrics 11 years ago
*read my post in Little Green Men to catch up*

Stan has lost his faith in God and the Church,
He turns to alchohol now to fill that void.
or any other kind of a 'temporary fill'

Project 86 – S.m.c. Lyrics 11 years ago
Hello again..
If you're lost after reading my comment go see my comment in Little Green Men and follow the tracks from Truthless Heroes.

Stan visits a church, but he is sickened by what he finds in the church. This church is all about making money, nothing else but that.
He feels he can't trust the church and starts looking for other means of 'fullfillment' *leads into Team Black*

Project 86 – Salem's Suburbs Lyrics 11 years ago
Alrighty if anyone has been following my posts, this is going with the idea that the Truthless Heroes cd is a story...

Stan(our 'truthless hero') has been through middle and highschool(Little Green Men and Know what it means) Now he has entered.. college.

And he really feels the pressure of his teachs, family and peers.
"Who I am
Who I'll be
Has been decided for me
But they don't even know me"

He is being pushed towards a carreer, that he isn't really intrested in, we'll say they are trying to make him a musician.
He tries to fight back, becomes a rebel.
But the head of the college(maybe even his parents) pretty much tell him that if he doesn't go this way with his life, he'll never be good enough for anything, or anyone.
"And as they pounded in the stake
I thought I heard them say
"Become like us or you will be slain" "

Project 86 – Know What It Means Lyrics 11 years ago
*following Andrews point of the CD being a story*
The main character has left middleschool in Little Green Men, and is now in highschool.

And the whole song is about how everybody is starting to conform to the mass, and taking labels and joining cliques.

Somewhere he meets a friend;
"I am invisible just like you
Just a reflection of what I consume
And now I, myself, will be consumed
Consumed for the sake of you"
Which is his friend saying he's sacrificing himself for his friend, to keep him out of the cliques.

Project 86 – Little Green Men Lyrics 11 years ago
Well if you watch/listen to the video thats on the CD(most of them) Andrew said the whole CD was written as a story, and this song is the beginning of the boys life, and is probly him entering middle school, first learning how corrupt the world is around him, he was raised in a christian home and he is a strong christian him self;
"So until we all confess, admit we stole the candy
These little men are playing games from here to eternity
But I'll be standing by myself, here waiting oh so patiently
Waiting for the sky to fall and PURGE THIS FRAIL HUMANITY!"

Project 86 – Caught In The Middle Lyrics 11 years ago
Okay this is gonna be a long comment.
For the quickie the song is about somebody who is stuck between two people(or two groups)
One side loves them, while the other loves to hate them, and they feels trapt in the middle and; "Don't want to lose my mind"

The second one goes along with the whole cd being a story, all of the songs are about the struggles of a person growing up(we'll call him Stan).
Well this is a song about a different person,
A young girl growing up in a family thats possibly split in two, and she's trapt in the middle of the whole thing... this is the only time you hear of her till the song "Bottom Feeder" which is when Stan runs into her, and they get into a relationship.. but thats a different song!

Papa Roach – Scars Lyrics 11 years ago
This song was my life song for a long time.
it's about putting somebody elses life before yours,
Wanting to help this person so much that you forget to take care of yourself.
"My weakness is that I care too much"

They finally realize that this person doesn't want to be helped and is only using them,
And they hate doing it, but they walk away from the person before they 'go down with the ship'

"I can't help you fix yourself
But at least I can say I tried
I'm sorry but I gotta move on with my own life"

In the end, "At least I can say I tried"
They learned to let go of them, becuase they can't do anything more for that person then they already did.

Nickelback – Far Away Lyrics 11 years ago
yeah I agree with the "Guy leaves girl, realizes how much he really loves her and wants a second chance"

I've been there firsthand, sadly mine didn't take me back

Collective Soul – The World I Know Lyrics 11 years ago
I think it is a song about suicide, or more a anti-suicide song(how Jumper-TEB is)

"So I walk up on high
And I step to the edge
To see my world below.
And I laugh at myself
As the tears roll down.
'Cause it's the world I know.
It's the world I know. "

The first two verses are him in his state of depression and being suicidal.
When he actaully gets read to do it,
"I step to the edge, to see my world below.."
He's looking at his life from a higher point of view, even if this high point was to kill himself.
"..I laughed at my self, as the tears roll down.."
He kind snaps out of it, and realizes that its not as bad as he thought.

I tried to commit suicide once,
And this is pretty much what happened.
I was about to OD my self,
When I remember a older memory and it made me feel happy and I just laughed at my self..

Cold – Stupid Girl Lyrics 11 years ago
I agree with BuGaLoU.

The first verse is about her dumping him becuase he's a 'nice guy' and gets with some 'bad boy'
The chourus is just like how he put it,
But the second verse;
"I'm a loner,
I'm a loser,
I'm a winner,
In my mind.
I'm a bad one,
I'm a good one,
I'm a sick one,
With a smile. "

its kinda like he's saying he could be all the things these 'bad boys' are, but he's going to be true and actually love her "..With a smile.."

Chumbawamba – The Goodship Lifestyle Lyrics 11 years ago
I think its just having a good time when you're all alone.
"I fly my very own flag
TV dinners for one
At the captain's table "

Kinda like a anti-depression anthem.
Saying how even if you're all alone,
it doesn't mean you can't have fun.

Armor for Sleep – I Have Been Right All Along Lyrics 11 years ago
For some reason I feel a "City of angels" scene here.
"You cant turn off that you're dead
you just deal with it
thought i was dreaming
when my heart stopped beating
But i got this feeling...
that i was put here for you
I've got a secret
and you won't believe it
But i got this feeling ...
that i was put here for you"

He's dead, and found a way to communicate with her, but knows she won't believe it.

Armor for Sleep – Walking At Night, Alone Lyrics 11 years ago
Well if you follow the story of a lover who has commited suicide, this is him realizing what he left.
"Can you please keep talking to me now?
Tell me all about your new friends
And don't think I can't hear you now
I’m listening I’m listening"
She misses him, and walks by his grave talking as if he was still next to her.

Armor for Sleep – Basement Ghost Singing Lyrics 11 years ago
"...i hope you know that i’m down here
just for you..."
He love this girl so much that he left heaven just to come back down to be with her, even if he neevr could be physically with her. He'd give up enternity just to be near her, but realizes she's moved on and doesn't want to become a stumbling block in her life.

Armor for Sleep – Car Underwater Lyrics 11 years ago
I agree 100% with Xa_gasoline_desireX
"Leave it up to me. to burnden you again.
This was not your fault. Please forgive me."

He commited suicide, and comes back as a ghost.
I think he was is in a relationship with a girl,
And she probly broke up with him becuase he was going through alot in his life, and she left him quite roughly, but he still loved her.

Shinedown – Stranger Inside Lyrics 11 years ago
Personally I think its something along the lines of going to a therapist, when they don't want to.

"So take while you can
So you can meet demands
My insanity is what you thrive on"
That what there is pretty much what they do.
They feed off of your 'insanity' taking more money from you, making you believe your problems are more then they are, giving you more meds and taking more money. paying their 'peers'

"So rip it from my soul
So everyone will know in the end
I'm the break you're the bend"
They always try to be-friend you,
But its just apart of their job, its their mask.

Thats my oppinion

Demon Hunter – Annihilate the Corrupt Lyrics 11 years ago
I agree with Velrex on this.

"I am the face of your afflication"
Feeding new life through the cracks in your skull"

it says it right there.

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