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Flyleaf – Cassie Lyrics 11 years ago
Okay, if any of you still believe Cassie was asked about God then, honestly, you know nothing about the Columbine massacre.
And if you don’t believe me when I say Cassie was never asked about God, why don’t you believe the official timeline released by the investigation team that worked on the Columbine shooting:

"Harris walked over to table 19 where he bent down and saw two frightened girls. He slapped the table top twice, said, “Peek-a-boo,” and fired, killing Cassie Bernall. After shooting Cassie, Harris made a comment about hitting himself in the face. Investigators believe Harris broke his nose as a result of the “kick” from the shotgun when he bent to fire under the table. "

And I compiled a list of evidence from witness interviews a long time ago and it is here:

Now, even though Cassie was never asked about God, it doesn't take away the meaning of the song. The song message is still there, it’s still about someone dieing for their belief in a God. But Cassie wasn’t that person.

Flyleaf – Cassie Lyrics 11 years ago
Actually, neither Cassie Bernall nor Rachel Scott was asked if they believed in God. Rachel was shot in the back and in the head outside. She never talked to the shooters during the ordeal. And Cassie Bernall was just really unlucky. Harris, one of the shooters, banged on the top of the table she was under, bent down, said "peek-a-boo" and shot her in the head. There were no questions about God between her and her killer. And that has been verified by the girl that was actually sitting right next to her when she died.

But, there was one person that was asked if they believed in God, her name was Valeen Schnurr. She was saying “oh god” out loud, and Klebold asked her is she believed in God. She said yes, then no, then yes. He asked her why, she said because that’s what her family believed in (or something along those lines). He spared her life. She survived the massacre, but she was injured.

Nobody at Columbine was killed for being a Christian.

Despite all that, I still like this song. It’s strong message. Even if Cassie didn’t really die for something she believed in, the idea of someone doing that is very noble.

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