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Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams Lyrics 13 years ago
In response to the political guys above my last post... Obviously, you've got an idea of what you're talking about... I'm not some huge fan of Green Day or anything, but I hate to see people slamming a band who makes at least halfway decent music. BTW: "
"Sellouts" don't try to sound like the hip, trendy bands of today... Their labels force them to or they lose the contract. ^.~ And if I'm wrong, and if they end up sounding like them, what's wrong with that? They're still Green Day, they've still got the same well-written lyrics, just different sounds behind it. Lots of bands gets inspiration from lots of places. Ever heard of a Cover band?

In any case, this is hardly the place to carry on a political discussion and discriminate against where people fucking live. Just so you know, the URL is "". Not "" ^.~

Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams Lyrics 13 years ago
Well, during the first part of the song(I walk a lonely road, it's the only one I've ever known. Don't know where it goes...) seems to me like he's talking about addiction or an extremely hard time in life. (I've only ever heard this song by itself, I plan to buy the CD sometime in the future...) The words make it seem like he's been on this road for so long that he's gotten used to it, and it's just a part of him now.

The next line just expresses a feeling of, you guessed it, utter and complete loneliness, but that's not all. It also conveys that nobody cares that he's alone and that he'll never fix anything(hence the Broken Dreams).

Chorus is just restating that he's lonely and he wishes someone would help him out of his hole, but until he gets intervention he's stuck alone.

The third line sounds like he's attempting to quit, or he's been on it too long and he's on the line between going insane/dying, or staying to his addiction.

Chrous again, just underlining the previous one...

Again with the second line, simply restating that he's still "helpless" and alone and such.

Again with the Chorus...

Anyhoo, this has been one hell of a long meaning, and I enjoyed writing it almost as much as I enjoyed listening to the song itself. I could put it on a CD and listen to it for weeks at a time. Very well-written and thought-out. I hope you don't flame my understanding of the song, it's just what I think it could mean.

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