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Rage Against the Machine – Ashes in the Fall Lyrics 13 years ago
Hitler got them to think that their country was chosen by God and that there was this certain "devine race" that they were blessed with.
This is the type of thing that Zach is talking about in the lyrics: "Listen to the fascist sing
Take hope here
War is elsewhere
You were chosen
This is god's land
Soon well be free
Of blot and mixture"

Rage Against the Machine – Ashes in the Fall Lyrics 13 years ago
This song is about the effects of fascism and how fascism can sort of brainwash people to follow their leaders. It worked extremely well with Hitler as Germany was in ruins after WWI. They were forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles which said that they had to accept 100% responsibility for the war and they had to pay for it as well. So their country went into economic depression and their government was in shambles. Then here comes Hitler and he rallies the people by kindling the homeland spirit and spewing nationalistic slogans and by doing this he brainwashed every German citizen to follow his lead, because they saw him as a savior.

Rage Against the Machine – Year of tha Boomerang Lyrics 13 years ago
Actually, it goes: "I got no PROPERTY but yo I'm a piece of it." not prosperity. This is talking about communism I believe.

Rage Against the Machine – Voice of the Voiceless Lyrics 13 years ago
meursaultsrevolver: "philly's finest killing machine" refers to Judge Albert Sabo who presided over the original trial in Philladelphia. Sabo apparently has given the most death sentences of any judge in the country, most of them being minorities. He was also very racist and biased during the trial and is a member of the Fraternal Order of Police. Read more about him.

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