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Justin Timberlake – Blue Ocean Floor Lyrics 1 year ago
This song really isn't that DEEP. No pun intended. You just have to notice the references and the definitions of certain things.

This song uses a lot of musical references, which makes sense, since Justin is a musician/singer.

BLUE OCEAN - The Girl. Blue Oceans are beautiful.

FLOOR - The Girl at her lowest, emotionally.

FREQUENCIES SO LOW - In audio engineering, if a frequency is so low, usually bass frequencies, it can't be heard.

HEART ON A STRING - Comes from the phrase; PULLING AT MY HEARTSTRINGS, which means something or someone who has touched you emotionally, usually in a compassionate way.

STRING THAT ONLY PLAYS SOLOS - String being a part of a musical instrument. Solo of course means by yourself. She is dealing with loneliness.

RAIN MADE OF ECHOS - Most see RAIN as bad weather which is also used as a metaphor for trying times. ECHOS usually happen in EMPTY SPACES where sound is delayed, depending on the DISTANCE between the audio source and the object the audio bounces off of, before the sound makes it's way back to your ears. SPACE - is also referred to as distance, openness or the musical term, REVERB. I know the words empty, space, distance and reverb aren't in the song, but this should give you some idea of how my brain thinks. I'm a songwriter/musician.

TITLE WAVES RUSHING ON AND ON - This line sets up the next part about WHITE NOISE, which is another audio engineering term. If you were under the ocean listening to the TITLE WAVES RUSHING, the sound can be described as white noise from an audio engineer's perspective. Although, some White noise is inaudible.

BUT I HEAR IT LOUD AND YOU FALL IN THE DEEP AND I'LL ALWAYS FIND YOU - He notices that she is lonely and in need of someone. He is there for her when no one else seems to care.

RED EYES - hmmmm.... Well, if you were swimming to the ocean floor, you'd have to see which way you were going, which means your eyes would have to be open. At some point though, your eyes would be irritated by the salt water of the ocean and you would have to swim with your eyes closed, and if he can't see, he would have to depend on the beat of her heart to find her, which is where he is going with the next line.

AND I CAN'T HEAR YOU THROUGH THE WHITE NOISE (again, white noise being the sound of the title waves crashing) or silence of the ocean.

SHELL MADE OUT OF GOLD FOUND ON A BEACH, PICKED UP AND HELD SO CLOSE - There are millions of shells on the shore of an ocean. Most are too tiny to see and we walk all over them not knowing. This shell in particular is made of gold (It stands out). He notices her.

HELD SO CLOSE. They say if you hold a shell to your ear, you can hear the ocean.

20,000 LEAGUES - A LEAGUE is an old fashioned measurement of distance which is about 3 miles. Take that and multiply it by 20,000 and you get 60,000 miles. This is an over exaggerated way of showing just how far he would go for this woman.

CATCH UP TO YOU ON THE SAME DAY - He would have to be moving at the speed of light if she was 60,000 miles away. He is a superhero. lol.

THINKING THE SAME THOUGHTS AT THE SAME TIME -They are now in sync with each other.

HEARTBEAT SET AT A STEADY PACE - If your heartbeat was at a steady pace, it means you are calm. She knows that he is on his way to save her from drowning in her sorrows and she isn't sad or worried anymore.


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