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Flyleaf – I'm So Sick Lyrics 10 months ago
Everyone almost has it! Good job guys, now let me tell you what her spirit is trying to communicate to you because she is def speaking my language! Basically she's trying (screaming, kicking, desperate!!!) to reach humanity because many of our souls are dormant because of all the unnaturalness, everything from unnatural thoughts to the unnatural chemicals we put in our bodies that are making us dormant by lowering our frequencies and our IQ making us walking zombies (ei;injected with where I live) and most ppl are sick with everything from autism to depression! We are the earth and everything we are doing is not for the betterment of our whole world and future. She is awake and I am also. When you are awakened you can look around and see a whole world that you never knew existed and access to knowledge you've forgotten because you fell under the fog and became complacent with our everyday SIM style mediocre lives that are becoming less than if you don't wake up. We are awakening because there is a darkness that is trying to keep humanity "asleep" or dummed down! I recently awoke by raising myself up out of the oppression of the dark fog surrounding us all and now I can hear light, taste smell, see fact the awakening is happening now, we are in the middle of it. She uses religion because it's the closest thing humans have to the truth of western civilization, but it's even off, too many details. You have to step back and see the much bigger picture here. I realize now that we are all one and connected, we are really truly these loving light filled beings who feel so much but some are numb. The key to waking is to eat only food that has energy (comes from our living earth) and reject all that is unnatural like chemicals because all of this stuff is causing inflammation of the brain and autism is a result and its not what people think. Everything you know is wrong! These beings are hyper sensitive and sent here to help guide you, they can be used as gauges to surroundings to show people how bad the toxicity has gotten, that's why some of them can't speak like you although they try to communicate to your soul through energy movements (stemming). They are trying to help you all wake up because our future is at stake. WE ARE AT A CROSSROADS TODAY, RIGHT NOW! They are us only evolving and can access a higher consciousness or awareness. Basically they are walking around meditating all day but also trying to be in the here and now. We can live in heaven here on earth if we can only wake up! Please read her words...injected with where I live (toxins, poisons...) we can push out, sell out, die out (we are on a path to destruction of ourselves if we don't wake up now!) so you'll shut up, and stay sleeping (autism is the future for all of us if we don't stop now because we are all evolving for the better but toxins keep us under)! I wish I could make everyone listen because we can have a future so beautiful we cannot even fathom it BEGINNING NOW if we all just wake up and see. look around, even the earth can feel it.
Our souls are screaming in everyone's ear and making them itch and ring. (tennitis is seen on commercials frequently now). You don't have to be saved or religious or even go to church. You were forgiven before you even asked for it because you've simply forgotten and was "under influence" so to speak. It's ok I promise. No one will punish you other than you and those who stay dormant if you don't wake up. Just be kind and loving...EAT RIGHT and help those people with autism communicate because deep down they know whats really going on in this world but the toxins and hypersensitivity is overwhelming to them. They don't know how to communicate well, try thinking in pictures, they will confirm everything I tell you if you can find a way to communicate with the most sensitive of them. There are signs and hints laid out for us everywhere! You want a clue about the truth? Think new age mixed with quantum physics and mechanics! Our path is green and we are tearing up our own path.
I love you, please wake up!
love and light to all my brothers and sisters!

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