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Jack Savoretti – Russian Roulette Lyrics 10 months ago
This reminds me a great novel by E.Hemingway, "farewell to arms"

The song shows that a soldier has come back to his motherland and it seems they won the war.but as all we should know, war has no real winner he say that now he scares of all thing and just regret the past.dreadfully and desperately he wishes to go back where there was no war but...

So sad...


Arcade Fire – No Cars Go Lyrics 10 months ago
Full of energy. I play this song while I'm biking in suburban area.

Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees Lyrics 10 months ago
So sad, brooding and piercing.
Im 21 and Iranian, I love a girl that she lives in another city and even I can't tell her my feelings... I can wait for her 100years but don't know her feelings toward me. I'm afraid her feelings are not the same and Im in limbo somehow.

I think every girl beside my love is fake for me...

Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) Lyrics 1 year ago
Wow wow wow. This song floors me so bad.
Like others have said, I think its about growing and meanwhile being with ur love with all the difficulties and saddness and also nostalgic feelings that dent u from past(ur town,family,friends that u lost them in speedy life)...
The song like most of arcade fire 's is like a prosody to. however people think they are so intricate and Drowned in lots of sound and noise...

Someone told in this site the aong reminds him the book Cat's Cradle from Kurt Vonnegut. I really wanna read this. Slaughter house 5 was so so engrossing and remarkable (from him ).

Lana Del Rey – Salvatore Lyrics 1 year ago
So brilliant. Kinda surreal for me. Im reading hundred years of solitude these days and the song is kinda connected to the south American atmosphere,don know why. So sad and weird.

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs Lyrics 1 year ago
I wanna scream why Arcade Fire so tremendous is^^^.

I want beatitude while I'm still young.

Arcade Fire – Suburban War Lyrics 1 year ago
So brilliant. I live in Iran and in order to some culture differences -which I spise - I didn't have good relationship with desirous girls but this song has really chock me up. So nostalgic and dismal about childhood and finding personality.

This song could really have been palatable for the movie ""BOYHOOD"" instead of Deep Blue -although deep blue is remarkable.

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