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Rilo Kiley – American Wife Lyrics 6 months ago
Mind blowing lyrics

Rilo Kiley – Pictures of Success Lyrics 7 months ago
Every single part of the song is brillant.
One of the best

Rilo Kiley – Draggin' Around Lyrics 8 months ago
Tout simplement excellent
Pour moi cette chanson illustre parfaitement l'expression "Le verre à moitié plein" et par définition à moitié vide! L'équilibre de chaque chose
Avec une référence bien placé à une autre chanson de Riley
Le génie à l'état pur!

Rilo Kiley – Paint's Peeling Lyrics 8 months ago
@[schayzelden91:16391] I agree with you in the sense that people tend to always think rilo kiley's songs, or songs in a more general way deal with a love relationship. I always feel that the meaning is deeper than that and even hidden behind that sometimes. Even when it is obvious that the song deals with a love relationship, I kind of imagine there is a metaphor behind or something.

Sorry if my English's wrong I ain't a native speaker

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