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Pepper – Your 45 Lyrics 7 years ago
Lyrics are wrong, here's the right ones:

Lost in pictures Baby I'm

Lost and found
Reminiscing bout my teens

It's a postcard scene from Kona town
Sitting in my hotel room

Oooh on a cold London afternoon
My glass is red ooh

Staring out my window
Over the streets

There's a cool breeze I freeze
Sit back in my seat

The radio is painted blue
And it's crying the bed's too big with out you
Now that I'm done, now that i

Do you remember those songs that kept us all night long
Slowly rocking you all the time
Baby put on your 45 and let it take over

you've got the love that i want girl
right on time ooh

just an old 45
my partner in crime yeah

to steal the rest of you
like a theif don't leave until my hands are on you

now that you're gone
now that you're

do you remember those songs
that kept us all night long

slowly rocking you all the time
baby put on your 45 and let it take over
wont you take over
wont you take over

Strike Anywhere – Postcards from Home Lyrics 8 years ago
Great song, my personal favorite from Iron Front.

Quoting Thomas Barnett:

It's about child-soldiering in Africa, the legacy of King Leopold's ghost, and [the work of] groups like ... This historical legacy of imperialism and colonialism, and all the ethnic warfare that is part of that. The whole world needs to wake up and follow through with promises and make it right – also beyond Africa, in Third World nations and depressed and manipulated economies. Places that are fractured, places that were never meant to be one region but their borders were drawn on a table 12,000 miles away.

Strike Anywhere – Western Scale Lyrics 8 years ago
Quoting Thomas Barnett:

It's the peace-punk song I've always wanted to write. It's the perfect mix of Discharge and Billy Bragg. It has to do with what war does to all of us: the war economy, our recession, the moral erosion of the idea of a just war. My bandmate Mark [Miller] has a good friend who came back from Iraq, but mentally he's hurting, fractured – and [the song is] for all of the people that we see around the world that are involved in the military, who come to our shows, that want out, that want a reason to hope for something else. It's for all our friends and the people I've worked with in the counter-recruiting movement, trying to get people to know their rights. ... Recognize that soldiers are human beings and have been manipulated into this terrible place, and a lot of horrible things have happened, but we can heal together. That's what the ending's about: Trying to get out of this place where we've all been compromised, and our civilization has been, by this addiction to war.

Strike Anywhere – First Will and Testament Lyrics 8 years ago
Quoting Thomas Barnett:

Probably the first song we've had that's directly about grieving. We've lost good friends of ours over the past three years: a roadie, a photographer, an activist in Richmond, another friend. They all died young ... either self-administered or mysterious deaths. It hit our community really hard and my bandmates as well. It's about what you do with grief and about remembrance, and not forgetting, but [rather] allowing you to continue your conversation with the person to still exist because they'll never leave you. They'll always be a part of you, even if their body's gone.

Strike Anywhere – Summerpunks Lyrics 8 years ago
Quoting Thomas Barnett:

There's a long essay about this in the layout of the record. It's about a story that my father told me about growing up in the segregated South in the early '50s. Growing up in a poor white community, right next to an even poorer latrine-dug black community. A school bus full of white children on a dusty road, in the heat, in the South, and a grown African-American man walking to work. And one of the kids on the school bus leaned his head out the window and spit full on the face of this man. The school bus driver – an illiterate Caucasian, working-class man who has no cultural reason to [react to] this – kind of changes my dad's life. My dad was one of the younger kids on the bus. [The driver] stops the bus, slams on the breaks, goes back and finds the kid who spat in the face of the black man on the road, and said, "You have to apologize to him and with your clean handkerchief, wipe his face – or I will not take you to school." So, he goes up and apologizes and gives his handkerchief to the black man, who is also astonished. ... This story, this sense of wonder: It's not nature, it's not nurture, there's something deep within us that recognizes, even in the South, that this was wrong. This school bus driver is for every other purpose a historically unimportant man ... but how this story, how much of an impact it had, and how it's still having an impact. ... There's this hopefulness inside of us all despite how fucked-up everything is.

Strike Anywhere – Omega Footprint Lyrics 8 years ago
Quoting Thomas Barnett:

This is our Hurricane Katrina / the apocalypse of the natural world [song]. When we get past the tipping point of what our species and our footprint has has done to the planet, and when there's no way to get back from it, being OK with the burning and the drowning and the waters rising and everything changing. And of us not being to evolve about what we've done to the planet, and what she has to do to heal herself and move on. It's a like happy-with-the-apocalypse song. It's also about enjoying the finite time we have here despite all this hatred and oppression and complexity; just trying to feel the natural world for a second.

Strike Anywhere – Blackbirds Roar Lyrics 8 years ago
Quoting Thomas Barnett:

Another song about the urban wasteland and state control and oppression. It references, in many ways, some of the writings of [anarcho-primitivist author] Derrick Jensen. It criticizes the industrial system and how we all become points on a marketing spreadsheet instead of human beings. And again, it references police helicopters roaring over my garage as I sang the song.

Strike Anywhere – Spectacular Lyrics 8 years ago
Quoting Thomas Barnett:

Seeing the unbelievable, blessed world that emanates from Southern California – but has also infected the whole planet: advertising, body image. Telling the people you love and the world around you that your beauty and your uniqueness is important, and not to homogenize yourself into this Habitrail of spending money on your appearance and feeling horrible and compromising your values and your peace because of the bus benches and the billboards and reality shows and entertainment-culture bullshit.

Strike Anywhere – The Crossing Lyrics 8 years ago
Quoting Thomas Barnett:

Inspired by all the different people trying to get somewhere where they can eat food and have a family. It's ... about this Central American and Mexican movement of people to move back north to have a piece of this world. It references "The Beast" in the second verse, which is the name of the train that people would jump on and hope that they survive it to get across the border. To get somewhere where there's not political executions that are often orchestrated by these middle-men groups so that our corporations can have a very fertile and flexible footing and cheap labor in these countries that these people call home. So, it's about immigration and human rights.

Strike Anywhere – Hands Of Glory Lyrics 8 years ago
Quoting Thomas Barnett:

Bailing out banks and seeing how thin our democracy is when it's run by wealth and power. Get prepared: sustainable farming, rooftop gardens, mutual aid in communities. Working outside this manufactured, immoral, fake social Darwinist dogma of competition. Basically, you don't have to fuck people over to survive. And we need to get ready because the whole economic system has been played out and laid out for people to continue to destroy our destiny.

Strike Anywhere – Failed State Lyrics 8 years ago
Quoting Thomas Barnett:

I worked with a wheelchair-bound, spastic, paralytic, cerebral palsy woman. She was my boss for most of last year in between tours. She doesn't speak – and she's a genius. She uses a laser-pointer attached to a visor to build a shorthand out of a letter-board, and the laser-pointer also works with a laptop. ... She's an activist for the sexuality of the disabled, and for the gay community in the disabled world and beyond. And the workshops she'd give to wheelchair-bound paralytics, without speaking ... were put on the blacklist for one of the Focus on the Family Christian-right groups. Her story and her courage in the face of this hateful world of evangelical Christian-right groups trying to demonize and criminalize sexuality and differently abled people – they think the disabled should be ... eunuchs, that they shouldn't have their own sexuality. "Failed State" made me think about organized religion, and the song ... talks about freeing yourself from that kind of bondage.

Strike Anywhere – South Central Beach Party Lyrics 8 years ago
Quoting Thomas Barnett:

That's me singing a song in a garage with helicopters rattling overhead, and seeing racial-profiling dragnets pull people over and constantly hassle people of color. ... It's about the access of the natural world and places of peace for people of different classes. Why rich people get to live and see beauty and why working class and poor folks just get to live in a maze of concrete and steel and barred windows. It's about how people can talk about bootstraps and personal responsibly when people are kept in these urban corrals, with such limited options. It's very difficult. So, "South Central Beach Party" is about the neighborhood where there's two King riots – Dr. [Martin Luther] King and Rodney King – passing by on the streets. What is the nature of rebellion? When one piece of history calls it a riot and the other piece of history that you never read calls it something organized. It's the exclamation point at the end of a long story about one people's oppression. It's the happiest song we've probably ever written [laughs]. It's about recognizing the twists of history and people needing to let it out and reorganize and take apart the things that are oppressing them and be a part of the world again.

Strike Anywhere – I'm Your Opposite Number Lyrics 8 years ago
Quoting Thomas Barnett explaining the meanings of the songs:

In some ways, that is one of the happiest songs about being cynical about the electoral process and the nature of our democracy. It's trying to get people organized to understand what's really at stake. Even if we have a president that we believe is certainly more intelligent and more moral than any in our lifetime, he is still the president and the job is fairly powerless, and it will be sad when that is exposed. But at the same time, it allowed us to have a moment where people are engaged because they believe in that, because there's a movement attached to that. But the fruits of it won't be harvested because the system itself doesn't allow for that. It's a call for unity even in the face of a predicted darkness. ... [Barack Obama] might be a man who is extremely capable of making good decisions and taking care of people, but he's not really allowed that power because of the people who run the rooms behind the rooms in American politics and economies. ... Being a radical means that you're not just excited about a Democrat that you might trust.

Strike Anywhere – Invisible Colony Lyrics 8 years ago
Quoting Thomas Barnett explaining the meanings of the songs:

Like "Cassandratic Equation" from "Chorus of One" [EP, 2001] that was written before November 30, 1999, and the Seattle [World Trade Organization] riots, "Invisible Colony" was written before all of this birther, deather, corporate-manipulated, fake-grassroots-conservative movement. The song is about the divisible, glamorous United States. Our national unity has been a fabrication for a long time, and now people are actually seeing the cracks. If you allow yourself to be manipulated, then the powers that run the country will step in and manipulate you. But if you can understand what's really at stake, then theatrics of a nation state aren't even important to our humanity and to our civilisation. That took longer to say than "Invisible Colony" is a song. [The tune is one minute, 18 seconds]

Strike Anywhere – Refusal Lyrics 9 years ago
It signifies straight edge, and they're not straight edge.
Still there are good straight edge bands such as Set It Straight

Strike Anywhere – Notes On Pulling The Sky Down Lyrics 9 years ago
I subscribe the last 2 comments.


Strike Anywhere – My Design Lyrics 9 years ago
If this song doesn't make you angry, there's something wrong with you.

"so we are living in a five hundred year old
prison in the mind in the heart where they
take your intelligence and your faith is torn
apart by culture state and power come together
and they steal all the light inside of us
everything that's real

when it falls"

This must be about opression, it makes me want to break something.

Strike Anywhere – Collateral Damage Lyrics 9 years ago
wow, I'm surprised no one commented this one.

This song is so strong and powerful, I think it talks about animal rights for Thomas is a big animal activist. Amazing

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