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Angelspit – Meat Lyrics 11 years ago
Wow, kudos to you for deciphering all that! Its awesome to finally have the last pieces that I didn't quite get when listening to song.
HisEcho, you've pretty much got it. Its maso/sado lust at its anthropogenic best. I love how raw they make their music, and how they can pull off phrases like "friction potency". Its amazing stuff.

Flyleaf – Perfect Lyrics 11 years ago
It could be an eating disorder, but I think its more broad then that, its about being helped basically though. By someone who loves you and won't let go of you, especially when she says:
"I tried to kill you
You tried to save me"
Its about not giving up on people you believe in and those who support you, because they clearly do the same for you.

Flyleaf – Breathe Today Lyrics 11 years ago
All their songs can be taken as different things, especially based just on the fact whether or not you are infact a Christian. I think with this song it can be just taken as being overwhelmed by everything then finding relief in something simple, or being fed up with something and discovering its imperfection.. for a Christian thats God but for anyone else, well its up to them really.

Flyleaf – Cassie Lyrics 11 years ago
Its a really great song, and everyone's pretty much right about it being the Columbine massacre, though I have no idea where people are getting all the theories of it not being real and Cassie not being asked, it doesn't really matter in relation to the song anyway, because the meaning of the song is to stand up for what you believe in no matter what, to have conviction in yourself and your faith.

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