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Brand New – Untitled Lyrics 8 years ago
there's people laughing around 47 seconds if you have really nice headphones and turn the volume up way loud.

Onelinedrawing – Bitte Ein Kuss Lyrics 13 years ago
bitte ein kuss=ask for a kiss

Taking Back Sunday – Number Five with a Bullet Lyrics 13 years ago
sounds like some girl that wanted to lose her virginity to adam and he didn't want to... possibly mocking brand new's "sic transit gloria... glory fades"

Taking Back Sunday – I Am Fred Astaire Lyrics 13 years ago
about getting older and moving on to bigger and better things/people.

new TBS album is hot shizzy

Taking Back Sunday – New American Classic Lyrics 13 years ago
probably about ending a long relationship. saddening.

ps:this song is spectacular.

Brand New – I Will Play My Game Beneath the Spin Light Lyrics 14 years ago
I think it's about getting popular (music wise) and not being able to do the things you used to, like freely go home. he feels the he is a puppet "I am made to girls panic as i sing" and he's turning into the stereotypical lead singer that girls take off their shirts and virginities for

i'm not dissin'. this album is bad a$$. i suggest you go pick it up

Brand New – Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades Lyrics 14 years ago
I <3 sex

The Stryder – King Of Coronas Lyrics 15 years ago
It's about getting drunk on Coronas after prom and getting a girl pregnant. "no one’s perfect". Excellent rock out part towards the middle of the song too! Then it get's faster and awesome. Stryder is the mostest.

The Stryder – My Plastic You Lyrics 15 years ago
The phone is his "plastic you". Cuz the girl won't talk to him, so she's the phone. Trippy. I hear the Stryder

The Stryder – Intoxicated Lyrics 15 years ago
Like all Styder songs, it's about sex. It's about getting a girl drunk and then having sex with her when she's passed out. They're spectacular.

The Ataris – The Radio Still Sucks Lyrics 15 years ago
Anyone listen to the radio lately, first they play the new eminem, then the new nelly, then eminem.....good thing I took out the antenna on my car. I have this bootleg ataris concert vid in Chicago, my town, and they say "it's plain to see that q101 sucks" at the end. q101 is the local huge "alternative" station. Story is they called and requested their own song and q101 didn't play it. hahaha

Saves the Day – Do You Know What I Love The Most? Lyrics 15 years ago
"I kiss your thighs to make you feel alright, then I will get closer, taste a little sweat" it's about eating out a girl. I guess that's what he loves the most.

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