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Primus – Southbound Pachyderm Lyrics 14 years ago
A southbound Elephant?

Primus – The Toys Go Winding Down Lyrics 14 years ago
I think the only one who knows what 1/2 the primus songs are is Les (after all, he wrote them). Some are obvious. As for the
''Talking about the way it used to be...
We used to pull the stripers out of Sand
Pablo bay
Now the delta waters go down So. Cal.
And the stripers start to fade away

It's pudding time!
It's pudding time! '' part, I have no idea where you got drugs from (possibly "It's pudding time", I still am unsure what that means). Les LOVES fishing if you couldn't tell. So... well... I have no idea. It all makes 0 sence to me except the C.G. the mexican part. All I know is that is one of Les's pals. AAA! But it is a good song

Metallica – Harvester Of Sorrow Lyrics 14 years ago
I never thought about a drunken drugged guy. But it makes sence. "Drink Up, Shoot In, Let the Beatings Begin" He's drunk, drugged, now he will beat his wife/kids to death. I would guess if that was the meaning, Fanticide would be that he killed a baby... hmmm... makes you wonder...

Metallica – One Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is like the book. It's calm, then it gets a little faster / Joe realizes he is in trouble, then the song gets way fast / Joe wants death and can't get the nurses and doctors to listen, then it just stops / Joe dies. This song (like The Thing That Should Not Be) is so much better after reading the book. But in The Thing's case, the short stories. "One" just plain kicks ass...

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters Lyrics 14 years ago
I think he said it was about having a relationship when out on the road/tour on the MTV Icon thing. Or maybe it was something else...
Anyway... this song is one of MetallicA's best.
Rock on!

KoЯn – 4 U Lyrics 14 years ago
if you don't know what thing song is about, i hit you. The words are self explanitory. Just like all of issues, Jon put a lot of thought into this song and emotion. God = KoRn. *bows down before god*

KoЯn – Dead Lyrics 14 years ago
It's funny how Jon can sum up life in 5 lines. I agree with dpf as well, they do know how to start an album (but untouchables is a little iffy to me). Strange but great song. Rock On!

KoЯn – Thoughtless Lyrics 14 years ago
well.... maybe monkey as in..... i have a monkey on my back.....i have a problem.... maybe? No one will ever know the lyrics to some KoRn Songs execpt the band. This song is one of the better on Untouchables and the video is disturbing turned weird. The sign on the school is like foreshadowing (at least you think) Very strange video, very powerful words, Very good song.

KoЯn – Layla Lyrics 14 years ago
I am getting it on WinMX, is this another song of Neidermeyers Mind (Early demo, if you didn't know)?

KoЯn – Dead Bodies Everywhere Lyrics 14 years ago
seeing how this is one of my fav. KoRn songs of all time, I will break it down the best i can.
"come on, step inside, and you'll realize" - This is what i want to do (Music)
"Tell me what you need, tell me what to be" - Jon's parents telling him how to live his life
"What's your vision you see? What do expect of me?" - what his parents want him to be
"I can't live that lie" - Doesn't believe all the bad things about the music industry his father tells him
"Hey, a sick mom with, a fucked dad. Dealing with your life. Dead bodies everywhere" - Dealing with his parents
"You, really want me to be, a good son. Why? you make me feel like no one." - His parents want his life to be good, but he thinks being in music will make it better
"Let me strip this plain, let me not give in" - Jon will go his own way
"Free me of your lies, inside my heart dies." - Not listning to what his parents tell him
"You dreams i never achieve, don't lay that shit on me." His dad telling him that he isn't becoming what his dad wants (?)
"Let me live my life." - Let jon live his life (DuH)
"You want me to be, something i can't never ever be" - His parents want Jon to be something he is not
Thats what I think anyway. This song is bad ass....... the intro is creepy, Head and Munky are damn good at what they do. Rock On!

Deftones – Wicked Lyrics 14 years ago
ahhh, Deftones and KoRn, doesnt get much better than that. This song is what made me listen to the deftones.

KoЯn – Faget Lyrics 14 years ago
It's about high school. Jon would wear make-up like Duran Duran. Everyone made fun of him and called him a faggot. (I'm not sure if that is the only reason he was made fun of). It's a dark song. BUT it still kicks ass, like all the songs on KoRn (except Daddy, It makes me sick.....all pukey inside)

KoЯn – Here To Stay Lyrics 14 years ago
i didn't read all 120 comments, but on, it says its about people making fun of him (like the band) and he is telling them he is here to stay. It will be a hit like freak on a leash (I think, anyway). Very good song.

KoЯn – Porno Creep Lyrics 14 years ago
A men on all 6's. This song is different. That's what makes it one of my fav's on Life is Peachy

KoЯn – Porno Creep Lyrics 14 years ago
A men on all 6's. This song is different. That's what makes it one of my fav's on Life is Peachy

KoЯn – I Can Remember Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is cool. I can relate to this song. I had a friend who was like my shadow. Then in Jr. High, I was accepted into accelerated classes and he wasn't. Now he hates me for it. Not there best song, but it still kicks ass. By the way, It's on the U.K. single of "Got the Life". I recomend downloading it if you can't get it.

KoЯn – Dead Bodies Everywhere Lyrics 15 years ago
I heard it was a song about his parents not wanting him to go into the music buisness. His dad was in it and told Jon how terrible it was. For more KoRn song meanings, check out

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