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Mariah Carey – Can't Take That Away Lyrics 15 years ago
We hold power over matter who may try to break you or make you feel unworthy..if you have love for yourself then they cannot succeed in hurting you.

Mariah Carey – Someday Lyrics 15 years ago
Wow! This is my song! It says it all...people are always thinking the grass is greener, rather than appreciating what they have already. And they think they can come back when they find the grass isn't always greener..but the other person has already moved on.

Linkin Park – Points of Authority Lyrics 15 years ago
This song, to me, is not about a guy and girl necessarily. I think it is about people in general. We seem to find pleasure in others' misfortunes. It is about people having insecurities and feeling better about themselves by bringing others down to their level.

Linkin Park – One Step Closer Lyrics 15 years ago
I totally love that they scream "shut up while I'm talking to you" some point everybody has had that screaming voice in their head, begging to become vocal. I cannot count how many times someone has pissed me off and I have wanted to just scream at them...but we can't always do that. this song to me is outlet for pent up aggression. It's like, you find bliss in ignorance- meaning that you try to ignore those annoying people, try to pretend as though they don't bother you..but everyone has a snapping point...eventually you are gonna be pushed to that edge and say what is really on your mind whether or not they want to hear it. This song is a warning for those annoyingly stupid people.

Linkin Park – By Myself Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is about not being able to please everyone. I love this song so really talks about how unfair people can be. They demand you to be a certain way that they want you to be...and when you are just yourself....they try to put you down and make you feel like an outsider. but by submitting to their demands it is like denying yourself and you are still an outsider in your own skin. You can stretch yourself thin trying to please everyone else..but eventually you can't hold on anymore.

Linkin Park – Plc.4 Mie Haed Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is a confirmation to me that I am not entirely insane! So many people are just incredibly selfish and inconsiderate. They think they can just run those who are considerate and generous over...and they completely can stress you out...but eventually you have to just bust them out and tell them to go away. Only then can you find a place to rest!!

Lifehouse – Only One Lyrics 15 years ago
I agree that it has to do with God. No matter how many people come and go through our lives...God is the only constant. People change all the time...but God is God to time indefinite. People can be so fake and insincere...and at some point you have to realize that the most important thing in life should not be about pleasing other people..but pleasing God.

Lifehouse – Take Me Away Lyrics 15 years ago
When there is nothing left of the world..God will still remain. We go through life, living for material reasons..and it seems you can never have enough!! but we forget that there is more out there than mere material possessions. Sometimes we take God for granted...we go out into the world and do our own thing...but when we are left unsatisfied and searching for something more..we always come back because He is the only thing important.

Lifehouse – Quasimodo Lyrics 15 years ago
As we walk through life, so many people judge us and try to make us feel as though we are lesser than them. They try to bring us down in order for them to feel better about their own insecurities. The best words of this song I believe are.." everyone is looking, everyone is laughing but I think everyone feels the same... everyone wants to feel okay.." So many people live lies...and this song is about knowing yourself, and not being afraid to be who you's about not changing for anyone else's sake, and when you just live...those chains just fall right off of your shoulders!

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