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Kenna – Hell Bent Lyrics 15 years ago
What I meant basically the song was before the video. (which is the case in most situations anyhow) but yes they did do a very good match up with the vid and song, Kiltwearer. I agree.

Radiohead – Give It Up Lyrics 15 years ago
There is only 1 version of this song. - A track rom the first On a Friday demo (April 1991) along with What is that You Say? and Stop Whispering which helped the band convince Chris Hufford and Bryce Edge to produce the Manic Hedgehog demo.

Radiohead – Nothing Touches Me Lyrics 15 years ago
There is only 1 version of this song. This is one of the earliest tracks from the On a Friday days, this song appears only on the Manic Hedgehog cassette, though it is fairly easy to obtain on the tape-trade market. Thom described the composition in an early interview: "It's based on an artist who was imprisoned for abusing children and spent the rest of his life in a cell, painting, but the song is about isolating yourself so much that one day you realize you haven't got any friends anymore and no one talks to you." The painter to whom Thom is referring was also the inspiration for the computer art he created at Exeter.

Radiohead – Phillipa Chicken Lyrics 15 years ago
There is only 1 version of this song and it's only available on the Manic Hedgehog tape, this jangly pop song is about not wanting to fall in love. The number was removed from the band's live set in late 1991 and hasn't been played since.

Radiohead – Big Boots (A.K.A. Man-O-War) Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is completely unreleased and there is only 1 version of it. It has been played 4 times live and has the possibilty of appearing on their new album.

Gorillaz – Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo) Lyrics 15 years ago
uh, pharmicopia..check your facts first, man. This is the english version of the song (featured on the album, G-Sides), and not the transladed latin version. This version is in english, as i said, and it is clear that these lyrics are correct.

Kenna – Hell Bent Lyrics 16 years ago
sorry to burst your bubble, guys but.. that video was originaly created for another song by a completely different band but was just never used. "Kenna", just thought it was interesting and he put it to his hit "Hell Bent" off the soon to be released "New Sacred Cow" album on 12/3/02. So once again.. sorry but that video has nothing to do with the song.

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