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New Found Glory – The Goodbye Song Lyrics 14 years ago
The riff in this song is taken from Billy Idol's "Dancing with Myself"..a good tune

Brand New – Sudden Death in Carolina Lyrics 15 years ago
"Call 911, I'm already dead but
someone should be caught and held responsible
for this bloody mess "

I think that means that after being broken hearted many times, you cant just go and blame one person for still being shook up about it.

New Found Glory – The Goodbye Song Lyrics 15 years ago
the hook in the begining of this song is taken from a popular metal/older rock song, im not sure of which song or band.. but i know i was watching bhtm and i heard this exact riff but i forgot to look at which band it was on

Goldfinger – The Innocent Lyrics 15 years ago
get over you're cold

Third Eye Blind – God of Wine Lyrics 15 years ago
personally i really dont think its about subsance abuse..jenkins tends to write alot about what i think is an alcohol problem mostly with wine, but i think its a metaphor for a bad relationship or one where the other person is trying harder when the other isnt

Mest – Drawing Board Lyrics 15 years ago
i just cant get this tune out of my head

Finch – Ender Lyrics 15 years ago
what does it mean tho?

Fenix TX – Ben Lyrics 15 years ago
yea if you look on the s/t it says in memory of Ben Thores(probly wong about the last name if someone could check) so im pretty sue it is about theyre friend who died, which makes the song so much more powerful

Fenix TX – Speechless Lyrics 15 years ago
tho i cant relate very well to this song, it is still always my favorie and it gets me everytime

New Found Glory – Heaven (Warrant cover) Lyrics 15 years ago
you do know..thats a cover of a Warrant song

Grateful Dead – Touch Of Grey Lyrics 15 years ago
i dont really get this song could someone explain it? all i know is that this song was playing while i was being born ... so its the first song i ever heard

Taking Back Sunday – Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team) Lyrics 15 years ago
i recently saw them live, they are amazing

Edna's Goldfish – Everyone I Know Is From Lindenhurst Lyrics 15 years ago
such a great song, EVERYONE should dl it

Taking Back Sunday – Timberwolves at New Jersey Lyrics 15 years ago
i just saw them live..theyre awesome

311 – Amber Lyrics 15 years ago
its awesome.also Ambers ( likeme :) can be proud we have a chill song

Third Eye Blind – I Want You Lyrics 15 years ago
this is my all time favorite song ... it sends chills whenever i hear it i think anyone can relate to it. its beautiful

Zebrahead – Someday Lyrics 15 years ago
this is one of my favorite songs, by any artist, i must love it so much its been on my profile for almost a year without wanting to change it. i think it can be a feeling about a new love, an old love, or anything it applies to everything.

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