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Dredg – Bug Eyes Lyrics 13 years ago
Im breathless... I like how he reacts in the end.

"I've wasted all this time...
I've wasted all this time..."

Wow, gavin really knows what he's doing.

Bright Eyes – False Advertising Lyrics 15 years ago
At the end of the song it's like if he rejects himself from himself...

Great song

Bright Eyes – Padraic My Prince Lyrics 15 years ago
Padraic Colum was a great poet that died 20 years ago,
im looking for meaning, if anyone finds anything, msg me...
He wrote poets and plays...

Three plays Broken Sail The Fiddler's House and The land revealed in simple language the strong conflicts between the world of the artist and the world of the land

anyway, maybe this has no meaning..

Bright Eyes – If Winter Ends Lyrics 15 years ago
I can't believe how good he describes his pain, listening to him makes my pain go away...

A true musical genius...

Bright Eyes – Padraic My Prince Lyrics 15 years ago
is it me or her mother tried to have children but it did'nt work... they were never born??? maybe im wrong...

Zyon – Chasing The Dragon Lyrics 15 years ago
A song about heroing addiction

Strongarm – Advent Of A Miracle Lyrics 15 years ago
One of the best hardcore songs of all times

Pedro the Lion – The Longer I Lay Here Lyrics 15 years ago
Im not a stoner or anything it's just im the kind of guy who has to smoke before going to sleep... and words like ... laziness cuts me like fine cutlery ... make me thing of how everything looks ok when your hi...

anyway, please dont flame me for this...

Pedro the Lion – The Longer I Lay Here Lyrics 15 years ago
Could it be about smoking pot... just wondering...

i know i'll get trashed for this...

In Flames – Strong and Smart (No Fun at All cover) Lyrics 15 years ago
this song was created by No fun at all... a sweden punk band that does'nt exist anymore... for you people to know

Bright Eyes – Something Vague Lyrics 16 years ago
Im not sure, but I see this song like when you realize that everything is so the same. And then you think of when you where a kid and all the things you've dream of doing but never get the chance to do it...

When you where young you'd feel like it's you against the world... but when you grow up you find out it's the world against you... You realize that life is nothing more than life...

Maybe im wrong but anyway this is a great song...

Brand New – Seventy Times 7 Lyrics 16 years ago
brand new

Nameless Shame – Atheist Lyrics 16 years ago

BoySetsFire – Rookie Lyrics 16 years ago
lutikriss stop being such an asshole...

Stop thinking your the REAL boy sets fire fan...


Kevin Devine – Protest Singer Lyrics 16 years ago
Great song, one of the best by kevin devine...

Makes me not feel bad about wanting to complain and feel depressed

Taking Back Sunday – Bike Scene Lyrics 16 years ago
I think it's called bike scene because it's something we all grow trough in relationships.

BoySetsFire – Timothy Lyrics 16 years ago
Obviously a song about suicide...

Very good song, At first I tought the song was

to happy for a suicide song, but when you think of it.

Why should it be sad after all this person has been

Blink-182 – Adam's Song Lyrics 16 years ago
Maybe i'm wrong here but this song is not about suicide...
It's about how everything fades away...
How everything is temporary...
You work for something
You like the fame
you notice it was better before you got famous
How the fame will be gone, people will forget them...

Sense Field – Save Yourself Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is about love and how people give it away "Anyone notice that it's like if he says that it happens to everyone once in there lives..."

That's my meaning

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