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Radiohead – Just Lyrics 14 years ago
Solid observations Radiodredq- What exactly are the words the man mutters?

Radiohead – There There. (The Boney King of Nowhere.) Lyrics 14 years ago
Everyone sees a song through there own life, it's the only way anyone can. That said, here's my thoughs on it:
This song's about a relationship with a fatalist.
He's involved with somone who sees the world on it's worst terms.
'i go walking in your landscape.
broken branches trip me as i speak'
He has a hard time making her understand that things arn't as bad as she sees them.
Who hasn't fealt pessimistic and or depressed, and seen a situation they know should be simple and happy, but all they can bring up inside is lonelyness?
'just coz you feel it doesnt mean its there.'

'There's always a siren
Singing you to shipwreck'
here he's speaking to that specter in everyone's mind that sees only the worst,

It's a constant challange when your depressed to keep an optimistic outlook on life.
'Stay away from each rocks
We'd be a walking disaster '

'why so green and lonely? ...
heaven sent you to me '
He loves her, but she can't get it through, that he's been there as well, in the hoplesness

'we are accidents
waiting waiting to happen. '
He uses we here, conveying that they are both in the same situation.

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