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Bayside – On Love, On Life Lyrics 6 years ago
this song is beautiful, i love it too much.

Bayside – Mona Lisa Lyrics 6 years ago
is there a drug named mona lisa? i feel like this song is talking about some kind of substance abuse rather than a person. over all though, i love this song!

Gin Blossoms – Found Out About You Lyrics 7 years ago
uhhhh, someone just compared this song to Jimmy Eat World.. Gin Blossoms have been around since the way early 90's, waaaay longer than JEW has been around.

Jack Johnson – Only The Ocean Lyrics 7 years ago
i agree with wand3rlust. he did dedicate this album to his father.

Norah Jones – I Wouldn't Need You Lyrics 7 years ago
it doesn't have to be "dirty." I mean, yeah, she's probably talking about sex, but not in a vulgar way. It doesn't mean he.. touched it privately, but maybe just how he would touch her sensually. maybe it was the way he grazed her shoulder or the way his fingers played with her ear lob. stuff like that. It's intimate, but not really dirty.

Norah Jones – Young Blood Lyrics 7 years ago
i love this song. i need time to actually read it to figure out what it could possibly mean. someone else also needs to comment on this song!

Norah Jones – Man of the Hour Lyrics 7 years ago
i think its "And you don�t have any baggage tied to your four feet"

Norah Jones – It's Gonna Be Lyrics 7 years ago
i thought it was "weather" and not heather's. and I thought this was about our economy, debt, corrupt politics, and television propaganda.

fun. – Walking the Dog Lyrics 8 years ago
It reminds me of a "dead end song" the format had.. when "she breaks for the summer, so she can find lovers." and the whole "boys of summer" kind of intertwines. or maybe "boys of summer" is alluding to don henley.. or maybe nothing at all.

fun. – All the Pretty Girls Lyrics 8 years ago
I don't know.. I think its how he feels whenever he's at each concert and he's away from his girlfriend back home. He sees all these "pretty girls" at his show and they all come up to him and try to win his heart but he doesn't really want any of them.. just his girl back home.

Jason Mraz – I'm Yours Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is.. my favorite at the moment. its beautiful.

i LOVE the line "I reckon it’s again my turn to win some or learn some."
I love how he uses "learn some" instead of "lose some." it's such a wonderful optimistic view.

Bayside – What and What Not Lyrics 9 years ago
I don't think its about Eternal, but he uses the nickname Sweetness which he only uses in Montauk. I feel like maybe there's a connection but I'm probably just hoping.

Bayside – No One Understands Lyrics 9 years ago
I don't think he's speaking from his perspective when he says "No one understands."
I think its about teen angst or just over dramatic people. (Be honest, if the sun doesn't set tomorrow, we'll survive.)
And the sarcasm of "I got your cure right here, is that what you want to hear?" really adds to the touch.

I like this song, it's catchy, but its not their best. This album is not their best. That's my opinion though, no hissy fits please!

Bayside – Have Fun Storming The Castle Lyrics 9 years ago
well, the title is from the movie... the song doesn't sound like the movie though..

Bayside – Howard Lyrics 9 years ago
This song reminds me of the Smoking Popes.. and often times in this song and other songs, he tries to make his voice sound like Josh's.. i know that they're huge inspirations to them, but it bugs me. I like Bayside for being Bayside; not for being Smoking Popes.

Bayside – Moceanu Lyrics 9 years ago
this song is absolutely fun. i love it. didn't expect it with the rest of the album. hmm.

Ludo – Love Me Dead Lyrics 9 years ago
maybe its because i just read this book, but does anyone else get reminded of Twilight?

Sarah McLachlan – Witness Lyrics 9 years ago
I always thought it was "His misery" not "is misery" because it made sense to say "His misery, made beautiful, right before our eyes" referring to the crucifixion.

The Format – If Work Permits Lyrics 9 years ago
love is speaking in code
its an inside joke
love is coming home


okay i am totally on board with Kiahjoi. That's exactly what I was thinking..
But i read Collegedrpout1's interpretation.. and I don't think it's about drugs, BUT Nate did have a drinking problem.. He did get some help for that.. so maybe the cheap perfume and such is covering his drinking problem and such?

I'm still leaning toward the cheating thing though.

The Format – Three's Lyrics 9 years ago
this song is depressing! I think it's basically him, miserable about how horrible his love life is.. but he's got this example of love, his friend Sam and Anita.. and they are what help him get through the day.

I relate to this song so very much.

Dashboard Confessional – What I Wanted to Say Was Lyrics 9 years ago
what CD is this song on?

Dashboard Confessional – Overkill Lyrics 9 years ago
who sings it originally?

Dashboard Confessional – Crazy Lyrics 9 years ago
this song is originally by the afghan whigs. its a good song.. but DC made it even better.

it's absolutely amazing.

The Get Up Kids – Holiday Lyrics 9 years ago
does anyone see the connection between this song and valentine?
"Maybe I can see you on the holidays,
but you're worlds away."

and then in valentine it says:
Will you be my valentine if I'm a world away?"

Plus, this song talks about Holidays and Valentine's Day is a holiday... I don't know. Just something.

Dashboard Confessional – Pretty Pathetic Lyrics 10 years ago
this is a smoking popes song!!! did he cover it?? I wanna hear it, if so!

Smoking Popes – Pure Imagination Lyrics 10 years ago
i loooove this song! when i first heard it, i screamed and turned it up!

Smoking Popes – Megan Lyrics 10 years ago
OH and along with i said, it's weird how if the song is about suicide, the lines "butter on a summers day" are just about the sweetest lines ever, don't really match with the song. I feel like they were lines that were meant for another song but ended up being stuck to this one.

Smoking Popes – Megan Lyrics 10 years ago
I think this song is about suicide... But i don't think because of a break up. I think this "megan" girl is dead. And i think him trying to kill himself is his way trying to get back to her and in the second verses, hey nearly completes it but he ends up living.
and by the third verses, he tries again but someone helps him and he's finally able to move on.

it's really a sad song if you put it into picture.

Smoking Popes – Gotta Know Right Now Lyrics 10 years ago
this is so my song right now.

i have a huge crush on this boy that works at starbucks and he's always flirting. and i'm constantly driving buy his work to see if he's working...

okay i'm a creep. it's fine!

i looooooove this band!!!

The Dandy Warhols – Bohemian Like You Lyrics 10 years ago
i kind of agree with overkill but i get a whole one-night stand vibe in this song. or like someone said, a slutty feel.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps Lyrics 10 years ago
you know, i see the whole she doesn't want her lover to go but i think it's more like she wants her lover to say for her to not go. like the
"i'm say, say say say"
like she really wants him to be like "wait, don't go. (on tour or anywhere or leaving the relationship) they dont love you like i love you)"

thats what i see.

has anyone seen the music video to this song? A tear drops down from her face : (

Feist – 1234 Lyrics 10 years ago
flavaflaav, i really dont think she sounds like Regina Spektor.

She reminds me of Cat Power, though.

Foo Fighters – Let It Die Lyrics 10 years ago
i def. think this song is kurt related. he's written so many songs in his honor.. i think this one is for him, but now he's letting his anger out. I'm sure he grieved and he still does, but i'm sure he had to be angry and a little selfish.

why'd you have to go and let this die?

Foo Fighters – Home Lyrics 10 years ago
this song... it makes me so sad. and it makes me want to cry.. but i will never stop listening to this song.

this song is beautiful. and i think it has so much more than just coming home from tour. i think its very spiritual. in fact, i think a lot of these songs are geared that way and it just adds that much beauty to it.

Foo Fighters – Erase/Replace Lyrics 10 years ago
Did he go through a divorce recently? i don't really keep up on bands except for like new CDs but some of his songs seem like a failed relationship. but more in dept, like a failed marriage.

Foo Fighters – Come Alive Lyrics 10 years ago
i believe this song is very dead on Dave's life. i mean, wasn't he an alcoholic? i think it's about what kind of monster he was and all this stuff that happened to him, all these things that were him.
something changed him. whether it have been a child, a lady friend, or maybe even more spiritual like God.

it actually makes me have all the best hope for him.

Foo Fighters – Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running) Lyrics 10 years ago
honestly, the first thing i thought of is someone's life turned around. someone who had a bad life. someone with a disease or cancer or tragdey or heart break.. and then realizing when it's bad, it's really not that bad. I love how the music just adds to the lyrics. There's a world out there! don't you deny me!"
it's really powerful and meaningful to those who need that boost.

Bush – Glycerine Lyrics 10 years ago
"i couldn't love you more, you got a beautiful taste."

i love those lines.

Blue October – Hate Me Lyrics 10 years ago
why does every song have to be a romance or love song to everyone?

i think in ways, it is a love song, but a love song for his mom. The recording at the beginning pretty much sums it up. His mom helped him through his alcoholism. And he thinks she should hate him after all this stuff, but Mom's just dont do that.

Bayside – We'll Be O.K. Lyrics 10 years ago
it reminds me of my ex boyfriend.

he was two years younger than me so when we started sleeping together, it was all fame for him.
but it was all sex for me : D


Regina Spektor – Music Box Lyrics 10 years ago
i looooove how she puts extra stuff in her music to symbolize stuff.

like when she first sings "melody" she sings it beautifully but then the next two times she does it, its all "meloehhhhh" just like a music box thats messed up or scratched.

Regina Spektor – Fidelity Lyrics 10 years ago
i agree with you, SecondDegreeFresh, a bit.

i think she's afraid to fall in love in a person, a man, so she avoids it... and instead she falls in love with music or her music. Then she realizes she's just taken the exact same emotion and just put it toward something else.. and it just "breaks her heart" anyway.

i also think the whole "bettah, Bettah" thing is cool. I like how she goes from "bettah" to "better" making the word itself, better.

Gavin DeGraw – I Don't Want To Be Lyrics 10 years ago
I don’t have to be anyone other than the birth of two souls in one

is he a twin?

The Verve Pipe – The Freshmen Lyrics 10 years ago
first off, i thought this song was a cover. i thought someone else did it originally.

umm, i think its about being young and naive. Freshman year in college.. thinking your so much older than you actually are. I think the first verse is about getting married too fast and soon and realizing how it couldnt work out.

then i think the second verse is his friend leaving a girl and she killed herself for it. because she was young and thought she was in love.

i love this song. i love the "she fell in love in the first place." when i think of when i broke up with my boyfriend i always use my excuse "he broke my heart first" to let my guilt go.
its my justification.

The Fratellis – Whistle for the Choir Lyrics 10 years ago
you know, i don't know why, but i see this song in a different view. Like he likes the girl, but i think she likes him more. And its why she's trying, but he's calling her silly and think she's a little weird to find him irresistable. and he finds her irresistable too, but not as much as she adores him.

it actually makes more sense the way everyone else described but, but this is what all came to my mind. Like he's almost being kind of sarcastic with her.

Jack Johnson – Walk Alone Lyrics 10 years ago
this song.. fits me and my last boyfriend so well. i feel bad for it.
i'm 19 and he is 17. He fell in love with me and i broke up with him for some horrible reasons. one being that he cost me a lot of money because he never paid where ever we went and i guess i'm the more pampered type and like the guy to pay for everything. i hate to admit it, but i am high maintenance. so yeah, call me the sugar queen.

and i do feel pretty free. except for when i see him walk alone.

Regina Spektor – Samson Lyrics 11 years ago
in the 70's there was this literary movment that was a part of second wave feminism. women were rewriting stories and myths, like homer's the odessey from a woman's perspective through poetry. samson is a throw back to that, she's telling delilah's side of the story, or some other woman's story. it's great that she changed the end to, like the story was about true love but the bible wrote it to look like another fall of man story with the woman as the antagonist. in the bible he knocks down all the columns, killing himself and everyone, but in the song they're still together.

The Format – If Work Permits Lyrics 11 years ago
okay the more i listen to this song, i think its supposed to be very sarcastic. so she cheated on him and now she's giving him excuses why love fails for her.. and thats the whole brother and dad and phone thing.. and he's like "you were only 4, but lord you remember it." i guess 4 is pretty young to remember. i dont remember anything when i was 4.
i think he's very pissed and sarcastic.

The Format – Oceans Lyrics 11 years ago
i think the song is about a relationship that ended because religion. he doesn't believe in God and she says she does now, but she doesnt really. and she moved away from them and he's thinking he could change, believe in God or maybe.. she could come back to him.
but i could be so wrong. something about religion maybe though.

The Format – Dog Problems Lyrics 11 years ago
yeah, i was just listening to the song and thought OH BECAUSE. because he never finishes phrases he misspells.. so yeah. but maybe it could have double meaning. BECAuse is in because.

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