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Fall Out Boy – Sugar, We're Goin Down Lyrics 12 years ago

I liked this song first just because of that one line. I think that it comes from the movie "High Fidelity" (same with that #5 with a bullet) ..great movie you should all rent it, it has john cusak & jack black

In the movie, Rob (cusak) is counting down his top 5 break-ups of all time. When the current break-up with his girlfriend gets really bad he says "Congratulations, Laura, Number 5 with a bullet"
I think it also relates to the billboard music thing becuase the character Rob is really into music.

So, in this song i think he's telling this girl we can make this a big awful breakup, I'll be the one that hurts the most, kinda like this is gonna get ugly.

That's just what i think!

The Push Stars – Keg on My Coffin Lyrics 13 years ago
i think this is a very sweet song, telling loved ones just to go on with life as he would want them to. dont mourn his loss, but celebrate his life.

my dad said he wants us to play this at his funeral. kinda sad/weird thing to say.

Third Eye Blind – I Want You Lyrics 14 years ago
Well i did a project in my english class on stephan jenkins as a poet, and one of the songs i used was this one (i also did god of wine and motorcycle drive by). since we just also read catcher in the rye in that class, i saw a connection.

"The suckers lose themselves in the games they learn to play
Children love to sing but then their voices slowly fade away
People always take a step away from what is true
That's why I like you around"

the only people Holden liked were true, innocent, smart. He thought everyone was a sucker & a fake.

Guster – What You Wish For Lyrics 15 years ago
i definietly see what botldfizzywater says, totally. it says you can always start over and your past doesnt have to hold you back. I think the relation to the Wizard of oz works because in the wizard of oz dorothy was running away from home right before she went to Oz, and realized how much she loved where she was before. not suicide, but it shows that the song is about being at an emotional bottom and then realizing youre okay.

Kate Bush – This Woman's Work Lyrics 15 years ago
when i heard it in shes having a baby i was so heartbroken because its so beautiful and sad... and then a version of it is in love and basketball which makes it all sexual which is ok too... ;-)

Third Eye Blind – Motorcycle Drive By Lyrics 15 years ago
gives me goosebumps.... WHat i like the most about it is it can be like im getting over you or i miss you or i want you depending on how i feel at the time... "and theres this burning like theres always been" hits me hard becasue there are some people you always have a thing for...
and i love how it starts and ends slow but is strong in the middle.
third eye blind rocks my socks. both cds i could listen to over and over and NEVER get sick of it

Piebald – The Stalker Lyrics 15 years ago
i was supposed to go to that boston show and couldnt, my friend got me a signed tshirt though (by aaron love him). Piebald rocks, i think ithink this is one of thier funner songs... they are so good, i hope they get big if they want to because i think they could... and i dont think theyd sell out

Piebald – They Don't Understand Us At The Academy Lyrics 15 years ago
I really like this... They are aggainst the conforminty of school and society and how thoughts are supressed, and realize they may grow up and change thier views and become part of the system... so they have the fresh minds and are hoping they can stay that way

Piebald – Rich People Can't Breed Lyrics 15 years ago
I LOVE this song. I kinda wonder if its about where they are from, and how they were different from all the preppy kids, and i know they are form a town with a ton of preppy people. i like:
I can't believe the creatures that I see here,
they better look out for strange men like me.
because hes explaining how some people are nervous around anyone whos different. very aweosme, they played this AWESOME live

Piebald – American Hearts Lyrics 15 years ago
Well i think it is about the system and all of that, and kind of saying how can a guy get 10 bucks for washing one window when there are people around in poverty...
anyways piebald ROCKS.... i saw thier christmas show in andover thier hometown and it was awesome... i met all the guys and they were really nice people too...
i love Arron...

Third Eye Blind – Graduate Lyrics 15 years ago
I never thought of it as a high school graduation, because he says "can i get my punk ass off the street/i've been living on for so long" i saw it more as hes sick of being worthless, being looked down on, and he wants to get out of it and make something of himself, overcome prejudice and mabye something that makes him ashamed ""can i look at faces that i meet"

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