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Coconut Records – Saint Jerome Lyrics 6 years ago
Sense, sorry.

Coconut Records – Saint Jerome Lyrics 6 years ago
I believe Jason Schwartzman is Catholic, and Saint Jerome is the patron saint of orphans, which would make since for this song (I don't ever wanna be alone).

The Doors – Touch Me Lyrics 7 years ago
At the end of the song, Morrison can be heard saying, "Stronger than dirt," which was the slogan of the Ajax household cleaning company, because the last four notes of "Touch Me" were the same as those in an Ajax commercial and as a mocking criticism of Krieger, Densmore, and Manzarek wanting to accept an offer from Buick to use "Light My Fire" in a commercial. The deal was aborted when Morrison opposed. This vocal was omitted on the single version which was a different mix.

Adam Green – Boss Inside Lyrics 7 years ago
Seems like it's from a woman's point of view. She is looking for her perfect man, but in the meantime she has a lot of guys who aren't right for her that she will be with to pass the time.

Grieves – They Always Know Lyrics 7 years ago
This is not a Grieves song, rather an Atmosphere song.

Jonny Lang – Lie To Me Lyrics 7 years ago
Ridiculous that he was 15 when he made this, what an amazing voice.

Bob Dylan – Beyond the Horizon Lyrics 9 years ago
I thought the same thing about the "Round about midnight" line, I'd imagine Dylan is a Monk fan of some sort.

Bob Dylan – Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) Lyrics 9 years ago
It's been said that Blonde On Blonde was partly inspired by Edie Sedgwick, and this line is probably the most obvious to me in reference to her drug use:

"You say you're shakin'
And you're always achin',
But you know how hard you try."

Bob Dylan – 4th Time Around Lyrics 9 years ago
"I never asked for your crutch.
Now don't ask for mine."

I read somewhere that line was about Joan Baez. She expected him to bring her along when he got really famous because of the stuff they had been through together, and he didn't have any plans for that.

Counting Crows – 99 Days Lyrics 9 years ago
This was never a CC song, not sure why it's in this section. It was done by The Himalayans, which was Adams group previous to CC and it was never performed by Counting Crows.

Tupac Shakur – Runnin' (Dying to Live) Lyrics 9 years ago
The chorus is from a Jonny Lang song....also, to people angry that this song included Biggie and 2Pac together, do some research, they were best friends at one point when they were alive.

Ryan Adams – Political Scientist Lyrics 10 years ago
He's had a beef with Jack for a while I guess. He did a cover of Dead Leaves & The Dirty Ground once, with some alternate lyrics thrown in:

Dead Leaves and the burning ground
When you I'm not around
30 letters in a mailbox when you know that you hear the sound
Know that you hear the sound
If you could a piano fall you could hear me coming down the hall
Meg White you do me alright
You do me anyway I want
Do me anyway I want
Yeah, Detroit they got some bands and they'll blow you're fuckin' mind
Volebeats, the White Stripes, maybe the Von Bondies or the Goldtime
Went down and met my friends said "Shit, I better stick around"
Poor Jack White he can't get no sleep since Mr. Ryan he come around
Since Mr. Ryan he come around
Mr. Jack you gonna get it back but you gonna have to wait your turn
Taking on everything you got and everything you wanna learn
Gonna take it all with me
Cause I'm feelin' like a cat
Don't got no alley, got a limousine, with money
How you like that Mr. Jack
Yeah, How do you like that

Ryan Adams – Political Scientist Lyrics 11 years ago
no, I mean it is about The White Stripes, according to Ryan himself.

Ryan Adams – Political Scientist Lyrics 11 years ago
its about The White Stripes

Elliott Smith – King's Crossing Lyrics 11 years ago
"this is the place where time reverses
dead men talk to all the pretty nurses
instruments shine on a silver tray
don't let me get carried away
don't let me get carried away
don't let me be carried away"

I think here he is talking about doing drugs...."instruments shine on a silver tray" in hospitals syringes are on silver trays---"don't let me get carried away"--don't OD

Elliott Smith – Between the Bars Lyrics 11 years ago
this might sound totally crazy,but every time I hear this song,I think of a drug dealer....a drug dealer has been senteneced to jail--"I'll kiss you between the bars" and then this line "people you've been before that you don't want around anymore" kind of means to me that he wants to change for a girl and he doesn't want the kind of people around that he had before (drug users) and he doesn't want to be the same person he was before he was in jail (a drug user)..just my two cents

Jeff Buckley – Satisfied Mind Lyrics 12 years ago
Jeff had to be at least 9 when his dad died because the one & only time Jeff met Tim he was 9...and he played the song at a tribute concert for his dad on 4-26-91,not at his funeral.

Tupac Shakur – Troublesome 96 Lyrics 15 years ago
thi song means to me that hes tellin everybody to watch out,cuz he don't care and hes takin everyone with him when he dies.This song shows to me the real Tupac,my favorite part of the song is"did the best I could, raised in insanity
or send me to hell cause I ain't beggin' for my life
ain't nothing worse than this cursed ass hopeless life ",that just shows how much pain he was in when he was here,R.I.P. Pac

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