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The Cure – From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea Lyrics 5 years ago
Most of The Cure's songs after The Top are about Roberts relationship with his fans and his music.

Robert has been in a relationship (married her) from high school and he's quite happy. It's about his music and his mistress is his "fans". Try and listen to lyrics and think of it from that point of view. The whole Disintegration album was recorded when he was doing LSD (read the books) and was afraid of turning 30, yes 30 years old scared him to death. The last line of the last song "Untitled" says it all...

"feeling the moster climb deeper
inside of me feeling him gnawing my heart away
hungrily i'll never lose this pain never dream of
you again"

The YOU is us his fans, with Robert contemplating retiring AGAIN!

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