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Panic! at the Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies Lyrics 6 years ago
i agree:)

Panic! at the Disco – The Ballad of Mona Lisa Lyrics 6 years ago
so i think this song is about a protitute, but i think theres a bit more to it.

"She paints her fingers with a close precision
He starts to notice empty bottles of gin
And takes a moment to assess the sin
She's paid for"-
okay so she's in the room painting her nails, and he notices her little drinking problem. My guess is that he confronts her about it and that her response is,
"There's nothing wrong with just a taste of what you paid for."-She could be justifying her intake of gin, or this could have a double meaning, with the prostitute thing, cause you know,you pay for prostitutes....

anyways, i dont really kinow exactly what she means by that line, but i think thats the point as the next lines, or the chorus, are ,
"Say what you mean
Tell me I'm right
And let the sun rain down on me
Give me a sign
I want to believe"- He's trying to figure out what she means- she's hard to read, doesnt know what she's saying- kind of like the Mona Lisa, hence the name of this song. Also the tell me im right, and i want to belive could mean hes in love with her too, but isnt sure if she is. He thinks thats what shes trying to say, but cant be sure cause shes so cryptic.

then it goes on to say she could run this town, probalby couse shes so mysterious and every guy wants a piece of her

"I'd pay to see you frown" - pple pay to see the Mona Lisa frown- thats what the painting is famous for, her smile..or frown..or smirk...or whatever you interpret it as...- i think this is just emphazing the point that shes hard to read/ mysterious

"He senses something, call it desperation
Another dollar, another day
And if she had the proper words to say,
She would tell him
but she'd have nothing left to sell him." - okay, so i guess tht thing she's been trying to tell him, was that she loved him, but the thing is she cant just come out and say it, then she'd wouldnt have bizness with him anymore, so instead of just saying it she hints at it cryptically, and he gets frusterated, bringing us back to the "say what you mean...part."

so ya, that's my interpretation of it.
I've just recently gotten into this band. I love them!

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