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Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks Lyrics 6 years ago
The name Robert definitely draws a connection between this teenage killer and Robert A. Hawkins, a 19 year old who killed nine people in a mall shooting in 2007 in Nebraska. Interesting that Foster the People uses this comparison, a mall would likely be were all the pumped up kicks come from. The allusion to a rolled cigarette hanging from his lips also draws comparisons to the on screen rebellions persona of James Dean, a similar persona with which another teenage killer, Charles Starkweather, was obsessed with. Now to tie the whole thing together for any conspiracy theorists, both of the killers I've related the song to came from Nebraska, and were some of the deadliest occasions in Nebraskan recent history, even thought they happened 50 years apart.

*Refer to any of many pictures of James Dean with a hand rolled cigarette.

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