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Radiohead – Karma Police Lyrics 6 years ago
Alright, I feel like it's a waste of time commenting this, but recently someone I know mentioned that he feels the song is about capitalism. I told him that I thought it was more personal than that, but he makes a good point.
The man being arrested could be a leader, and the girl with the Hitler hairdo could represent fascism, which is a label that those who are against it often apply to capitalism.
He talks in maths and buzzes like a fridge because he, in this interpretation, disguises the truth by overcomplicating it and is, well, annoying. We've crashed the girl's party because by speaking against her/it or perhaps by being here we're enraging her or invading the property that she/it intends to keep for herself/itself.
Given all I can and still on the payroll, well that is more clear.
The refrain could either be their opinion capitalism's methods or his desire for the leader to fall or die, the latter of which would carry into the ending, because he "lost himself" by talking about revenge, which is in his mind lowering himself to their level in the first place.
All that being said, I still choose to believe it's more personal, because I don't have quite the same opinions, and because that's how Radiohead's lyrics usually are-personal and abstract.
It seems like everyone interprets lyrics to fit whatever opinion they feel most strongly about or are very familiar with.

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