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Bright Eyes – Approximate Sunlight Lyrics 7 years ago
Hes commenting on the the postmodern nature of society, how everything we imagined as children is realized in maturity to be a falsified replication of past romanticized ideals. The Quinceañera dress verses are probably a commentary on the violence in Latin American countries associated with drugs. Its a difficult situation to analyze since innocent deaths are obviously not "fair," but neither is the fact that the people performing the violence are merely acting out of necessity to earn money to provide for their family's. "Now you are how you were when you were real ," I think is a contemplation on what Truth is, and the revelation of it. Is it only a reflection of your own distorted perceptions or is it like how it was when "you were real," honest and pure as in the time of your childhood, which paradoxically may have been a distorted perception itself.

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