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Middle Class Rut (MC Rut) – Cornbread Lyrics 6 years ago
I don't know, but it suites the end of the album ridiculously well. I will say that "hand" should instead be "featherless hen"

This entire album speaks mainly to keep battling against strife and I believe this song would work into that idea. This song in particular reminds me of Flea from the RHCP singing his lil diddy "Pea" off of One Hot Minute. I really like how blunt they are when they sing it.
So what is a corn-bred/cornbread? I would say a redneck hick that don't give a sh#t!

Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks Lyrics 7 years ago
I actually don't like lyricaljoy's explanation. Especially when you look at the way it was written from 2 different perspectives..maybe three-the singer/friend(I mean who is saying the chorus..we don't really know). I did notice this about the song before I looked at the lyrics. Before I had a good look at the lyrics I basically thought the same thing that I still think about this song:

There is something about posers in general that tick him off. If I was singing a song about a boy who is ticked off by posers..this is exactly the light-hearted kind of track I would do it to! Awesome track, can't WAIT for the EP.

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