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The Smiths – Girlfriend in a Coma Lyrics 3 years ago
Like many others here, I don't take this song literally in the slightest, but my interpretation is still a little different. In my opinion, the coma is a metaphor for a change in the girlfriend that the protagonist doesn't approve of. This could be anything from the girlfriend going down a bad path or just growing apart. Despite his desire to change her back to the way she was, he knows he can't ("I know it's serious").

The lines about how he could have strangled and murdered her are talking about how he could've broken up with her at any time in the relationship. Yet despite how much the girlfriend has changed, he still loves and cares for her, so he can't bring himself to do it ("but you know I would hate anything to happen to her").

Throughout this whole ordeal, he's hoping she'll change back to the way she was -- "Do you really think that she'll pull through", though it eventually becomes obvious that it's not going to happen. So he finally says his goodbyes and moves on.

This is a song, like so many other Smiths songs, that can be interpreted in a countless number of ways. And the best part is that none of them are wrong! This is what I hear when I listen to this song, but feel free to form your own interpretation!

Plain White T's – Rhythm of Love Lyrics 7 years ago
This song is just beautiful. A mark of great songwriting is when a song can be interpreted in different ways and applied to different situations depending on who's reading it, like this song can. I also like how he sounds very Jason Mraz-ish in this song. Not many people can pull it off like Jason does, but he does it flawlessly. Great song!

Coldplay – Christmas Lights Lyrics 7 years ago
You pretty much nailed it jmlrugby11. Fantastic song, but I wouldn't expect anything different from Coldplay. I love how the time slows down right before the chorus.

Although the song is a little depressing at first, I agree that the second half seems hopeful. He finds peace through the Christmas lights, thinking that maybe they'll lead her back to him. I can easily relate to that feeling. This is definitely one of my favorites coming from Coldplay. If this is any indicator to how their next album is going to sound, then we're in for a real treat!

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