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Bob Dylan – This Wheel's on Fire Lyrics 6 years ago
thats what I though of too, but you explained it very well.

Tom Petty – The Wild One Forever Lyrics 7 years ago
one of my favourites of his. scary lyrics, but I can't wait to experience this on my own.. and then listen to the song.

Tom Petty – Louisiana Rain Lyrics 7 years ago
what is this song about?

Tom Petty – A Face In The Crowd Lyrics 7 years ago
one of his very best songs i think. makes me think about how many strangers there are in the world that you could fall in love with.

Bruce Springsteen – Ricky Wants A Man of Her Own Lyrics 7 years ago
cute song. a very good one but still not near most his other songs, and that makes me see how great of a songwriter he is.

Bruce Springsteen – Ramrod Lyrics 7 years ago
this is amazingly good in everyway. the lyrics' theme is similar to pink cadillac in the way he uses the car and driving as a metaphor of sex.

Late at night when I'm dead on the line
I swear I think of your pretty face when I let her unwind (he is masturbating)

I wanna ramrod with you honey, till half-past dawn (he wants to ram it in & out her untill half-past dawn)

If you don't want disgusting pictures in your head of his car-shaped penis you can just think about them driving around in the car with clothes on. The best thing about the lyrics is that you picture them doing both; driving around and having sex in his car, in high speed.

Bruce Springsteen – Pink Cadillac Lyrics 7 years ago
funny idea but the pussy is pink, the azz is brown

Bruce Springsteen – Point Blank Lyrics 7 years ago
one of the most, if not the most, beautifully depressing songs I know. I think it is overlooked because it's a little different in style and tones from what he usually writes, and also because it makes everybody feel like crap.

My int. is that his long loved girl has gone and become a heroin addict, but maybe thats too obvious to mention. The way he moves from past to present to dreams is perfect, like everything else about the song.

Bruce Springsteen – Long Time Comin' Lyrics 7 years ago
what a fucking song. I seriously got som small tears in my eyes when i read the lyrics, and I swear I'm not even that kind of guy. great both musically and lyrically, and also good matching between the both ingredients which I find to be one of his greatest strengths. sorry about the spelling here.

Bruce Springsteen – Straight Time Lyrics 7 years ago
how can anyone write such a good song. I find it hard to belive

Bruce Springsteen – I'm Goin' Down Lyrics 7 years ago
Maybe I'm a jerk who thinks I'm cool to get the line "My kisses used to turn you inside out". About the vagina blooming out like a flower when he kisses her. The insides are coming out... Great line in a truly great song.

Bruce Springsteen – I Wanna Be With You Lyrics 7 years ago
Who's that someone? cousin cocaine? I hate being the smartass that says it's about drugs but still. This is to me obviously about cocaine or some drug. It becomes clear when you listen to the details, like:

'Cause instead of pumping gas I'd dream of you
I got thrown out of my house, I got such a bad reputation (this happens when you do drugs, not when you fall in love)

Since you came down the line
I can't sleep at night, I got one thing on my mind (use of the word line & not being able to sleep)

When I see you on the street I fall on my face
I drop to my knees, I plead my case (giving bjs on the corner for a line)

This is a drug song disguised as a love song (the love for the drug). It's clear that the guy has developed a habbit.

Bruce Springsteen – Brothers Under the Bridge Lyrics 8 years ago
Perfect comment on perfect song.

Richard & Linda Thompson – Withered and Died Lyrics 8 years ago
Great song. Does anyone care to explain their view of the lyrics? I belive it's about a girl whose dreams have withered and died of course, but what I find more open to sugestions are the lines about the silvermoon and the boy from the west. I think maybe the moonshine is a wordplay meaning she is sitting somewhere by the water and looking at this silvermoon shining on the water, but also drinking moonshine she stole from a bed of a good friend of hers. The boy from the west is someone who she is in love with and with playing run & hide means he run and hide from her and their relationship. Am I wrong?

Bob Dylan – Oh, Sister Lyrics 8 years ago
I belive it's about him thinking of his wife as his sister (twin soul), and that god made them for eachother. They were meant to be by god and he uses that as a reason for them to staying together. He even talks about the danger of what could happen if they refuse his will, probably going to hell. The lines about them having grown up together and being reborn is probably a way to explain their relationship. You often hear "we grew apart and broke up" but in this case they grew (up) with eachother. the relationship made them the persons they are now, and it also spiritually reborned them, as sibling souls.

This song reminds me of Simple twist of fate where he sings that he still believe she was his twin, in the way you can feel about persons you love; that they are your twin soul..

Bob Dylan – Mississippi Lyrics 8 years ago
Interesting about Buckley, makes sense.
This is probably crazy but I hear a natural disaster song. A hurricane has swept over mississippi and destroyed the place. It's a silly idea, but there are just too many things that makes me think about it in that way. Just take this one:

"Got nothing for you, I had nothing before
Don't even have anything for myself anymore
Sky full of fire, pain pouring down
Nothing you can sell me, I'll see you around"

That sounds like a post hurricane situation. And also how he sings about how he has affection for those who has "sailed" with him, and that his ship is wrecked.

If he had sang "stayed in New Orleans a day too long" I believe everybody had agreed with me.

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