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Radiohead – Bodysnatchers Lyrics 8 years ago
You guys thought WAYYYY too much into this one.

Bodysnatching began in Victorian times, when they began dissecting bodies in the name of science. There was no legal way to obtain cadavers, and the belief was your body had to remain fully intact to be inducted to heaven. Grave robbers would dig up bodies in the middle of the night for a) science and b) a shitload of money. It paid up to 20 times more than the average salary at that time.

This also lead to the need for iron fences around graveyards, cement slabs covering loved ones, catacombs and mausoleums for the rich who could afford it. They even had temporary "housing" for bodies, they paid rent basically until they decayed enough to be of no use to the scientific community.

"Removed backbone, a pale imitation with the edges sawn off"

Refers to the dismemberment of bodies, and what we now know as autopsies.

"Check for pulse, blink your eyes. One for yes, two for no"

Refers to their deterrents for body snatchers, they'd hire people to be buried alive (freshest graves were searched first, so the live people would never be underground long) When dug up they'd obviously scare the robbers, then they'd be arrested.

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