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Paramore – Where the Lines Overlap Lyrics 8 years ago
deff about their band- not so much their fame, but what they were trying to get across thru their music

<3 paramore

Paramore – Emergency Lyrics 8 years ago

Paramore – Brighter Lyrics 8 years ago
Everyone says this song is about a boyfriend and a girlfriend,
but I think its about two bestfriends.

"So this is how it goes
Well, I, I would have never known"
two bff's who were close at one point, but things change b/c
one girl develops some emotional issues/probems like deppresion, etc;
and the other one is uncomfortable and tends to not be able to handle it
when the girl with issues has an emotional breakdown in front of her

"Well this is not your fault,
But if I'm without you then I will feel so small"
and the girl with issues feels more attatched to the relationship,

"And I'll wave goodbye watching you shine bright"
&& here she is letting her know she was her bestfriends and that she loves her.

dunno why I get that impression :p

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