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Beyoncé – Broken-Hearted Girl Lyrics 8 years ago
Beyonce's songs are so powerful you can feel her emotion as you listen to them and what makes her so great is that everyone can relate to them. I think this song can be interpreted in many different ways but personally I think it describes a relationship where maybe no one is doing anything wrong or anything to hurt anyone but love can hurt you.
I think it's the fear you feel when you love someone so much that you want to give yourself to them, but in doing so you know you give them the power to hurt you. it's not that you don't trust them in particular, it's that it's hard to give someone the power to hurt you that much, even if you know they won't.
By the end of the song I think she finally feels ready to trust them with her heart and realises that it's okay to be vulnerable with someone, when you love them that much. You just have to take the risk.

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