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Friendly Fires – Jump In The Pool Lyrics 6 years ago
to me this song is not about missed opportunities - i think it is about taking opportunities!

I push out
I breathe in
And still us turning away - they are afraid to take the plunge into the future

Don't look back
Don't pretend We'll ever take control again - they have stopped trying to be in control of their lives, they are just going to 'jump' and let life take them where it will...

And we're falling beyond the horizon,
And only the water remains - they didnt miss the opportunity to jump - they did it. the horizon, the problems they were trying to control fall away, and only their future remains

...the fear is falling away

Brand New – At the Bottom Lyrics 8 years ago
you are right degaussed ESPECIALLY the beginning

Brand New – Noro Lyrics 8 years ago
sorry just read Arter's above explanation of 'Noro'

ps amazing song on an amazing new album!

Brand New – Noro Lyrics 8 years ago
been listening to the leak and pretty sure its
"Do they need their friend to be a lover?
Or a lover to be a friend?"

and i think sitting duck makes more sense as well

i also agree that its "anyone I know sleep"
but if it is then what is the reference to Noro in the song title?

and there is a high possibility the album wont even come with a lyric booklet!
lets hope it does

Brand New – Bed Lyrics 8 years ago
been listening to the album leak and really think these are all correct!

Modest Mouse – The Cold Part Lyrics 8 years ago
i dont know whether its about suicide as a way out of the cold part, or even if its talking about leaving the cold part to go onto something better

when he says
"I stepped down as president of Antarctica
Can't blame me, don't blame me, don�t
So long to this sad, sad part of the world"

maybe it just means he used to lead or be in control, but what he was leading or in control of was 'cold/bone bleached/salt soaked' and barren and he could see he was never going to be able to take it anywhere good because it was barren and cold and infertile.

so he decided to step down as president of this cold part, and just drift around without the responsibilities of president or leadership. like he's saying nothing matters anyway, i've given up trying, i'm just going to go where life takes me now; talking about a change in his way of life.

and he's saying we shouldnt blame him for it because of the kind of hopeless place it was to lead; it had no positive future anyway.

But suicide or a hopeful escape seem to fit just as well, and i havnt made my mind up about my personal interpretation. Just chucking this interpretation out there..

Modest Mouse – It Always Rains on a Picnic Lyrics 8 years ago
i really love this song as well
and i agree that it is one of MM's 'prettier' songs

to me it just means what it seems to for most of everyone else

that it seems like everytime life starts to go well, something happens to ruin your pleasure or your plans (rain on his picnic)

he says dont let go yet, like he wants to hold onto hope that despite the 'rain' his happiness/plans can still be saved; however, like eleventy alluded to, the title is contradictory to his hope. Maybe he likes to think he still hopes that his 'picnics wont continue to be rained on,' but deep down he understands that this hope is false because it is the nature of life that nothing good can last

a kind of depressing outlook on life if you ask me, but again, i love this song

Modest Mouse – Paper Thin Walls Lyrics 8 years ago
I love The Moon and Antartica!
i think it could be about the rape charge,

i think he's saying that privacy has been destroyed, and that people nowadays are completely voyeuristic; everyone loves watching other people, especially people in the soptlight, especially people in the spotlight who have done something wrong (or in his case been falsely accussed of doing something wrong)
"watch them WATCH ME WATCH THEM" - he (and everyone including you and me) are involved in the watching, everyone gets sucked into this cultural aspect

"they're shaking hands" - people making decisions, "shaking in their shoes" - people nervous about the outcomes of the decisions (perhaps the girl who accused him is scared she's going to get found out, "oh lord dont shake me down" - he's hoping he's not going to go down for this

"everyone wants two of them" - greed and selfishness "and half of everyone else.." - people want bits of other people - back to voyeurism we want to know all about them and this ends up with taking part of them for ourselves"
then he basically says everyone in the world is disgusting (shower imagery)- self explanitory line

laugh hard its a long way to the bank -- that girl think's she'll be 'laughing all the way to the bank" but he's saying laugh it up now (laugh hard) but its a long way to the bank aka dont count your money yet i'm not proven guilty yet and i wont be you've got a long time to go before you should be laughing

then he's saying that he doesnt want to be the fool for everyone by taxing the time (jail time) for something he knows he didnt do

Modest Mouse – Four Fingered Fisherman Lyrics 8 years ago
i think this song is about someone who has previously been in control over their life/situations but has recently 'taken a backseat,' and is convincing themself that is doesnt matter, that they are happy to just go with it, even if it means 'weeds are pulling out weeds' (ie bad solutions are replacing bad solutions but this still just leaves bad solutions, or his life is not going to go anywhere from a pointless circling of possible resolutions) and the fisherman is telling himself it doesnt matter, he's just going to continue being apathetic. He's blaming himself because he's not going to step back in and take control of his life or the situation, but he's reassuring himself that it doesnt matter because he's not the only one apathetic or indifferent, that everyone is indifferent in some aspects.
He begins to realise he is in trouble now, because he has continued to take a backseat and his life is now spiraling out of control - he is still trying to convince himself that its not his fault he is innocent with a clean conscience even though he knows it was his indifference that let things get this bad.
He criticises the uptight and the worried and the people that argue over pointless situations, reccomending that they relax and drift through life like he has because even though he's lost control he's not constantly stressed and striving.
so to me its kind of asking whether we want to float through life, letting it spiral out of control or whether we want to be uptight and maintain control of our lives but be constantly stressed over things that dont matter
the four fingered fisherman referance is maybe to the pointless 4 finger 1 thumb argument, maybe to the reason he stopped striving and originally took a backseat (got his finger bitten off and doesnt want back in, convinces himself it deosnt matter,) maybe to the fact that life is hard as it would be for a four fingered fisherman - to me they all fit take it how you will
sorry for the really long post and this could all be completely wrong :s
but either way i love the song

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