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Placebo – For What It's Worth Lyrics 8 years ago
Filled a cavity
Your god shaped hole tonight

I love these lines. Awesome song. Great lyrics. I love the singer's voice. It is definitely refreshing and biting at times.

Depeche Mode – Wrong Lyrics 8 years ago
This is a great song. I love the music video.

Kane Hodder – Jason Dean Was A Teen Liberator Lyrics 8 years ago
This band is chaotic, in a good way.

Action Action – Don't Cut Your Fabric Lyrics 8 years ago
Action Action reminds me of Echo and the Bunnymen...

That is definitely a good thing.

But....I think they are a bit pretentious. That isn't necessarily a BAD thing. It can get annoying, though. However, I really like this song. Wonderfully moody.

Bright Eyes – Don't Know When but a Day Is Gonna Come Lyrics 8 years ago
It should be pretty obvious by now that Conor is agnostic.

It seems to me that Oberst is saying that he finds direction and strength through his friends and that is what defines him. He isn't sure if he can trust anything else but love (in friendships, family, relationships).

If you hadn't noticed the phrase "to be loved and to love" is repeated on the album....though not in his song, I know.

Bright Eyes – Method Acting Lyrics 8 years ago
I like this song, but it is probably my least favorite off of Lifted. Lifted is a great album. Great lyrical content, even if it is coming from a drug-addicted alcholic.....I think the art should always be separated from the creator, anyway. Appreciate the art, but don't get too caught up in the person behind it. Great artists are usually pretty messed up. (I think I just mentioned the word "great" two times too many....)

Say Anything – High School Low Lyrics 8 years ago
I honestly think that the concept of high school being so great and such a cherishable part of the life experience has been created by people who peaked when they were teenagers. Life was just a downward spiral for them from there. No more prom crowns to win or student council popularity contests. Everything that they valued so much was gone after high school. A lot of respected, successful adults were really outcasts in high school. What is frowned upon in high school as weird is sometimes what sets you apart later on, in a good way.

Say Anything – A Certain Type of Genius Lyrics 8 years ago
It is kind of creepy how much I relate to this song. When it comes to the meaning, TheAmazingJim hit the target spot on. It is the classic story of the underappreciated nerd that isolates himself and holds himself on a sort of pedestal. Afraid of being hurt, he can never form a real relationship with anyone, he is much too far away.

Bright Eyes – Empty Canyon/Empty Canteen Lyrics 8 years ago
There are some artists that you discover at just the right time in your life that you end up liking forever or at least a very long time. You form some weird connection to them because they represent a life event or phase for you. Bright Eyes is one of those artists for me. In my eyes, Conor can do no wrong musically (that is, unless he suddenly decided to work with,say, Britney Spears).

Michael Jackson – Thriller Lyrics 8 years ago
In a world of cookie cutter "artists" and generic performers, Michael Jackson was certainly an individual. From his avaitor sun glasses to his rhinestone studded single glove, Jackson definitely set some recurrent trends. Eccentricity is essential to the true artist.

Thriller is the best music video ever. The song itself is a true pop gem.

Jackson may have been strange, but he was also almost always intriguing on some level.

Mest – Jaded (These Years) Lyrics 8 years ago
This is one of my favorite songs from middle school that I was embarassed to like. I cared way too much what people thought. I always wanted to be an outcast. I guess I met that goal, if not any others. LOL.

Blur – Caramel Lyrics 8 years ago
I love the mood of this song. Well, I really like the mood of the entire album. I am pretty sure that most of the songs on 13 are about a breakup that Damon had around the time of production. This song and "No Distance Left to Run" are my favorites from the cd.

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