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Gorillaz – 5/4 Lyrics 7 years ago
2d is (was?) an avid pill-popper

Gorillaz – Superfast Jellyfish Lyrics 7 years ago
during the chorus it sounds more like "keep it sweet, keep it sweet" or maybe that's just me?

Gorillaz – White Light Lyrics 7 years ago
when i first heard this song i always thought it was about watching someone or something die, and turning to drugs until reaching the same fate

the first 'white light's represent the deaths that the person saw, the alcohol being the introduction of drugs and the last white light being that person's own death due to substance abuse. the repetition of that verse symbolized the same thing happening to the next person, someone who was effected by the last person's demise. it keeps going.

Lady GaGa – Fever Lyrics 8 years ago
this song was originally a lady gaga demo but adam lambert wanted to work with her so she gave him permission to re-record it

Lady GaGa – Speechless Lyrics 8 years ago
gaga wrote this song for her dad when he was in the hospital due to heart complications (cause by his heavy drinking, which explains the references to alcohol/bars in the lyrics.) at first he refused to have the open heart surgery he got just last month and gaga told him that if he died because of his health she'd quit making music and spend the rest of her life taking care of her sister and mom. this is the song she wrote to convince him to go through with the operation. i'm not exactly sure but i think the song is written from her mom's perspective.

that being said this is my favorite song on the album! i wish it was only her and the orchestra though, no guitars/drums/etc. it would have been so much more powerful

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