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Bruce Springsteen – Gypsy Biker Lyrics 9 years ago
This song is an example not only of Springstein's brilliance as a song writer but the nearly unfathomable depth of talent in the band.
Sonicly, this song is a reckless, stoned, high-speed motorcyle ride down a winding road by someone trying to escape the demons that have been visited upon him by experience and loss.
Rage, desperation, confusion, and grief all crammed into a few beautiful minutes by a group of guys who not only revere their art and each others abilities, but the subjects of their songs.
Just think about how all of the parts of the song come together so perfectly, you already know 5 seconds into the song what it is about-before you hear lyrics, that intro is haunting as hell.
I am positive that twangy guitar part at the very beginning is cribbed from the keyboard intro to "Unknown Soldier" by the Doors.
The drums that kick the song into gear.
That ridiculously fat groove of a bassline going by like highway lines at 120 mph.
Then that absolute fucking rifle shot of a guitar solo....
I could write a book about this song.

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