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Fall Out Boy – Tiffany Blews Lyrics 9 years ago
I think the crybaby line is about how FOB are (wrongly) labelled emo and how they're the biggest band in that 'scene'.

The caterpillar thing could be about breaking out of that scene? Like they got stuck in that scene and now they're a moth breaking out of it?

The roman candle heart seems like something to do with not letting anyone get close to him ie. roman candle as in the spinning firework.

Then I agree with what someone said about the piece of art line, with everyone being so love him or hate him with Pete Wentz and that generally being the reaction art gets.

Fall Out Boy – W.A.M.S. Lyrics 9 years ago
Apparently it's 'freckle, freckle' which ruins an awesome chorus for me since it really doesn't make any sense. I always heard 'reflect, reflect' and will continue to hear it since I think it sounds a lot better than freckle. ;)

Fall Out Boy – W.A.M.S. Lyrics 9 years ago
Hurry, hurry
You put my head in such a flurry, flurry
(Reflect, reflect)
What makes you so special?
What makes you so special?
I'm gonna leave you now
I'm gonna teach you how
How we're all alone

It's definately 'reflect, reflect' and certainly not 'oh fuck, oh fuck'. I don't know how it could sound like that to some people lol. Freckle, freckle lol.

Fall Out Boy – Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes Lyrics 9 years ago
I'm pretty certain it's 'Imperfect boys with their perfect ploys', probably referring to the band/Pete. Imperfect as in he's troubled and the 'perfect ploys' being a reference to how they've gotten so famous. It ties in with the line about nobody wanting to hear them sing about tragedy. Covers themes that are recurring in a lot of FOB tracks.

It's also 'gun' and not 'God'.

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