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Radiohead – Give Up the Ghost Lyrics 7 years ago
Sounds like it!!

Radiohead – Codex Lyrics 7 years ago
"The calm,

Cool face of the river

Asked me for a kiss"

"Suicide's Note" by Langston Hughes (1902-1967)

The Strokes – Under Cover of Darkness Lyrics 7 years ago
This is the undisclosed title track of the album. It is about what the band has gone through in the last 5 years. Seperately. The album is titled Angles because of all the different directions the members went through after the exhaustion of the 05-07 tours. They all had solo ventures (Valensi did photography and guested on albums including Sia's '10 release). This song is the backbone of the idea of spliting up and finally coming back together.

Know how folks back out, I still call
Will you hate for me now?

-They tried to get back together but not all members were aboard at the same time-

Don't go that way
I'll wait for you

-Don't do that solo album!! Go back to the band that made you big. Ok, you did, but I will be here when the strokes reform-

Get dressed jump out of bed and do it best
Are you ok?
I've been out around this town
Everybody's been singing the same song ten years

-This is a reference to Last Nite and how much they hate the song but it is still their most popular one. Julian is saying move the fuck on!-

I'll wait for you
Will you wait for me too?

-Jules is saying he'll wait for the band members/strokes fans and asking if they'll wait for him-

And they sacrifice their lives
In our land are all closed eyes
I've been saying we're beaten down, I won't say it again

-The last line in this verse is jules telling the members they have been beaten down as a group, they were overplayed and billed as the saviours of rock and roll. That is too much-

Cold War Kids – Bulldozer Lyrics 7 years ago
EPIC!!! Have the album art and lyrics!!

It is: Honeymooners move in wet cement

Feel us snap and crush and burn and tear = Feel THE snap and crush OF FURNITURE

What we made you fall = Bulldozer, What WE NEED YOU FOR

Deerhunter – Helicopter Lyrics 7 years ago
Take my hand and pray with me
My final days in company
The devil now has come for me
And helicopters circling the scene

And I pray for rest
Could you pray for us
We know he loves you the best
We know he loves you the best

The lights inside my cave
I'm tired of my ‘cades

Oh these drugs they played
On me, these terrible ways
They don’t pay like they used to pay
I used to make it day-to-day

No one cares for me
I keep no company
I have minimal needs
And now they are through with me

Now they are through with me (x8)

Ra Ra Riot – Boy Lyrics 7 years ago
When I had
Once or twice
Thought I left
My life

Oh, I'll wake up in a thousand years
With every ghost I'm looking through

I was a cold, cold boy
More when I lie with you
But man, I'm bored about you
Why, why

When it's gone
And you hope
That your mind's
Made up

Oh I'd wake up in 20,000 years
With every ghost of what I knew

I was a cold, cold boy
More when i die with you
but when i'm bored about you
Why, why

I was a cold
Cold boy
More when i said to you
that i'm bored about you
why, why

Ra Ra Riot – Keep It Quiet Lyrics 7 years ago
Four hours up I-95
you and me were cold
If you want to compromise I can't
hold on

I know it's wrong
It's a cold life though

Cold water for cooling down
You know that when you stay around
Old fortune for subtle leave
But maybe you're sincere


Trouble having satisfied
two different halves
Can I give up on one,
it's a thought I hate

All I could lose,
it's a cruel life I choose

Cold water for cooling down
But you know that when you stay around
Old fortune, for subtle leave
Oh but maybe you're sincere

Keep it quiet, keep it quiet
Oh my heartbeat, keep it quiet
Through the doorway, keep it quiet
Yes I'm tired, keep it quiet

Cold water for cooling down
But you know that when you stay around
Old fortune for subtle leave
But maybe you're sincere

All my doubt
All my doubt

How can I want to stay around

Animal Collective – Flesh Canoe Lyrics 8 years ago
The lyrics are correct, but they are not presented correctly. As stated above, it "just his subconscious flowing." Think of it as a relationship on fast forward. The hyphens symbolize one thought.

-Young red bird: they're just natural feelings-

-i can't keep from changing-

-my brain is bending my wants with my rights-

-are my friends still half right?
and should i keep them seperate from me?

its unclear-

-then i get a cold-

-can i get a light?-

-theres a certain type of easy pace
thats what we need to make it..-

-come in close i trust you-

-your nose dipped in my sweat
it dripped on your beautiful sweater

kind of nice-

-should i really lie with you?-

-i never know when im on my own-

-are there more important things to do then kiss or sleep today we gotta wake up...-

-then i talk to your breath
and we enjoy the air

and i creep on your chest to the hut i have
where i pluck a few notes
on the strands of your hair

and im singing to you
what to do if I asked you to make funny faces with me in the mirror of the bathroom?-

-I know your next-

-you make me feel alright-

-are you just like me?
never gonna pick one kind of fruit
like a mushed bannana on your tooth

and you like the sting of the cherry juice

never eat an apple thats just one color-

-young red bird: theyre just natural feelings

like: walking off to ride my bike

or just bump into you

i havent seen you in a week or three days

though it really bugs me
its nice to find new ways to smile-

-i keep thinking that when you feel sad you cant pout

cause what this songs about:
is me singing
im just wondering
what to do with you myself and me naked in the mirror of the bathroom-

Okay, so this song is about him singing and wondering...what would he do if he and this other person was in front of a mirror. Songwriters don't lie, do they?

Animal Collective – Daffy Duck Lyrics 8 years ago
It's almost like he is rocking his son to sleep and he realizes he doesn't want him to grow up. He may be looking at Daffy Duck wallpaper.

Vampire Weekend – Cousins Lyrics 8 years ago
It is:

Heard codes in the melody
You heeded the call

You can barely pick out the "heard" because its sort of blended in with "list-maker"

Vampire Weekend – Cousins Lyrics 8 years ago
Sounds like it's "You and the smart one" instead of this model. And "Golds in the melody, you eat it to-go (or eager to go)"

But that's just what it sounds like...

Vampire Weekend – Giving Up the Gun Lyrics 8 years ago
It is most definitely "rifle hits"

Vampire Weekend – Diplomat's Son Lyrics 8 years ago
Cause I'm gonna take it from Simon


All the comparisons that Vampire Weekend has with Paul Simon!!

Vampire Weekend – California English Lyrics 8 years ago
These lyrics are just about dead on. Kudos. Ezra said this song wasn't an insult, but a tribute to the citizens of California. The Golden State was the inspiration behind most of the album.

Animal Collective – What Would I Want? Sky Lyrics 8 years ago
The Grateful Dead sample that is played from Unbroken Chain is only: ", woah, I walk"
After you hear it the very first time it is soon misinterpreted as the title of the song as intended. It's the first Grateful Dead sample to be approved. The lyrics are amazing and as straight-forward as your gonna get from Avey.

Vampire Weekend – Ottoman Lyrics 8 years ago
Not CARS, COST! Sorry!

Vampire Weekend – Ottoman Lyrics 8 years ago
This absolutely is about a marriage! Ezra is a master of the third-person storytelling. This is about a guy who marries into a rich family.

It is:
LOVELIER now but dressed for a funeral
(as mentioned above)


all of the CARS (NOT CARDS!!!) and all of the time it took

ottoman couch, how handsome your furniture
LOVELIER now but dressed for a funeral
begging you to sit for a portrait on the wall
to hang in the dark of some parliamentary hall

The protagonist is marrying into wealth. They are always dress for success. There are many pictures of the privileged that still hand around on walls and in trophy cases.

elegant clothes, you want to be seen with her
under your tweeds you sweat like a teenager
begging you to sit for a portrait on the wall
to hang in the dark of some parliamentary hall

He isn't comfortable with his surroundings but it really helps his social status. The sweating represents a nervousness in a way that he knows know he has to be perfect to fit in.

today's for you
they laid it out for you
there will be six bells a-ringing and white women singing for you,
but this feels so unnatural to peter gabriel too

"Today" is the wedding day (Six bells represents a church). The mother and father of the bride put this big show on, so he must act accordingly and suck it up. But he still knows that the vanity he sought doesn't make him feel as comfortable as he thought it would.

all of the CARS and all of the time it took
soon it's all lines of red in a leather book
begging you to wait for a minute by the door
your creeping feet where they've never been before

This is saying that all of the effort into an extravagant wedding day will mean nothing in time. The words in the guest list are really all that would remain in the marriage, not all the fancy things involved with it. Wait by the door (duh...before he heads to the alter!! also stated above)He's obviously never been there and doesn't know what he's getting into.

today's for you
they laid it out for you
there will be six bells a-ringing and white women singing for you
but this feels so unnatural to peter gabriel too

Ezra uses the Gabriel reference again to perfection. He used it for a girl coming back to her wealthy surroundings with an "I don't care about money" attitude. And now he uses it to represent a man that has suddenly realized he doesn't want the social status after truly being a part of it.

Julian Casablancas – 11th Dimension Lyrics 8 years ago

I just nod, I've never been so good at shaking hands
I live on the frozen surface of a fireball
Where cities come together, to hate each other in the name of sport
America, nothing is ever just how you plan
I looked up to you but you thought I would look the other way

And you hear, what you want to hear
And they take what they want to take
Don't be sad, won't ever happen like this anymore
So whens it coming? This life's new great movement that I can join
Your faith has got to be greater than your fear

Forgive them even if they are not sorry
All the vultures, bootleggers at the door waiting
Your are looking for your own voice, but IN OTHERS
While it HEARS you trapped in another dimension

Drop your guard, you don't have to be smart all of the time
I got a mind full of blanks
I need to go somewhere new fast
And don't be shy, oh no, at least deliberately
No one really cares or wanders why anymore
Oh I got music, coming outta my hands and feet and kisses
That is how it once was done
All the dreamers on the run

Forgive them even if they are not sorry
All the vultures, bootleggers at the door waiting
Were so quick to point out our own flaws in others
Complicated, man was on the wings of robots
If you believe in this world your not inviting me
But don't think that yet, to the top, now know what to do

The Strokes – Electricityscape Lyrics 8 years ago
well the lyrics that came with the album say EAR, so I will have to believe that the posted lyrics are correct.

Modest Mouse – Autumn Beds Lyrics 8 years ago
Just got this single along with the whale song at my radio station. It came with lyrics and the only things wrong with the lyrics above are:

They pulled UP the welcome mat(because they have been there so many times, and each time they are NOT welcome, and the people at the court hurt their backs pulling up the welcome mat figuratively speaking.)


WE'LL show up early just to wait in line (there is more than one person involved in all of this, as you can tell with the WE throughout.)

This is about the dragging out of a trial and after some time the subject of the song along with an accomplice is found guilty of a crime. They were found guilty in august, so their Autumn Beds just represent where they would be sleeping more comfortably in the upcoming season, fall.

Modest Mouse is releasing an EP this august of songs that didn't make it onto Good News and We Were Dead. This was definately off the Good News set.

Kanye West – Coldest Winter Lyrics 9 years ago
Wow! Great song. kanye has said he just can't use his regular style to express how hes felt this last year and this is a great example of that. I really disagree with those who feel this album is a bad one bc of his new style. He captures complete human emotion with his voice. Do you really want him to rap about all the stuff hes gone through this last year? Coldest winter is about his mother as previously stated and its noted as the only one about her. Theres a great picture inside the album booklet. it should make the haters of the cd feel they have misjudged the way they feel about kanyes approach to the 808s and heartbreak.

Kanye West – Bad News Lyrics 9 years ago
Just an awful feeling you get when things don't work out the way you want them too. In this case he was waiting on a girl that he thought was into him. Maybe she did have strong feelings for him but she wasnt ready to be with him and kanye was very willing to wait for her to be. And then he gets news she is with someone else. He plays it off like it doesn't matter and he knew. His friends lie to him and tell him they didn't know about the guy she started to be with. The rules he is referring to are promises of being together. He is upset she is acting like there were no promises of them being together. This song goes beyond his fiance and mother which is what the album is primarily about. Maybe he was talking to this girl while he was with his fiance. But either way its a heartbreaking song as the title suggests.

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