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Young Love – Close Your Eyes Lyrics 9 years ago
ok well first of all, this is such a great song and it always makes me feel like i'm in a beautiful dream with the love of my life. lol.

well i agree with all of your interpreted meanings of the song.

but on the same sort of theme as minervo:
i think it could be a depressed young person;

"close your eyes"
when you are depressed you kind of just want to get away from the world.

"what a surprise to be with you again"
he or she was depressed for so long and they finally got help or are just starting to feel better and they see themselves happy again and they're so surprised because they hadn't been happy in such a long time and they never thought they would be again so its a surprise to see themselves like this again.

"see you around, the way i always do"
they aren't really sure if they are really truly happy again or if life is just playing tricks on them again, and this happens a lot where they think they're happy again but they truly aren't. hence "the way i always do" because they feel like they play the role of pretending to be happy for the sake of others.

"see you around, you know i'm hoping to"
they hope that they really truly are happy and they want to feel this way again.

"have we gone too far?"
have they gone too far into trying to convince themselves they are going to feel better and happier? are they just setting themselves up for disappointment?

"just close your eyes till we get there"
just focus on yourself and block out the world until you feel the way you want to be and are who you want to be.

i don't know though :) that was just a thought.
but yeah great song<3

Stars – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead Lyrics 9 years ago
i randomly put this on my i-pod after being on a website that recommended it.
i never got to listening to it, but just yesterday i started listening to it and now cannot stop!
it is such a beautiful, amazing song.

"this scar is a fleck on my porcelain sin, tried to reach deep but you couldn't get in, now you're outside me, you see all the beauty, repent all your sin, it's nothing but time and a face that you lose" <3333

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