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Steve Perry – Missing You Lyrics 9 years ago
Someone fooled around on another person. that someone kept it to themselves ratehr than being forthright when they realized that it was a horrible mistake. Only guess is whether this someone broke up because of guilt or the person who was cheated on eventually found out later on. Great song really showing off a fantastic voice.

Journey – One More Lyrics 9 years ago
This is a liberal take on the biblical end times. One can see a reference to current problems of extreme self-centeredness. Reference to the Anti-Christ that the book of Revelation speaks of. Satan himself being an angry child after being tossed from Heaven for his self-ish desire to be hire than God. You can go line by line and reference many biblical references. Best to read the books of Daniel and Revelation in the Bible. I know Jonathan Cain--although not a professing Christian has used the bible as inspiration for other songs.

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