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Phish – Glide Lyrics 3 years ago
this song is nothing more than phonetics...the words gLide and gLad are both "glides" (look it up and ALL will be revealed)

Moe. – Stranger Than Fiction Lyrics 3 years ago
Some corrections:
1) fifth line of 1st verse is "TREK to Atlanta
2) 10th line of verse 1: "we'll be in and outta reach in one day"
3) last line of first verse is "i heard the Chairman Mao say"
4) sixth line of 2nd verse is "enough trucker speed'll make time fly"
3) after all these years, i still haven't figured out the last line of verse 2
4) lines 9&10 of the final verse:
"shit or shinola
it's (just?) the angle at which we see"
So, there you have it...til next time, sayonara

Moe. – Buster Lyrics 3 years ago
i remember TRIPPINGFACE @ the 2001 moe.down and wandering about while moe. played the soundtrack to my evening...whilst roaming around i heard a voice come out of the ether and complain that "these tunes are too long and there aren't enough lyrics" to which i replied, as kindly as possible, "if you wanna hear lyrics, go to a fucking poetry reading"...13 years later, and i still stand by that psychotropic advice

Moe. – Nebraska Lyrics 3 years ago
the solo break is a nice tip of the cap to Steely Dan's "East StLouis Toodle-Oo" which is itself, as the Dan's only recorded cover, a tip of the cap to Sir Duke

Steely Dan – Negative Girl Lyrics 3 years ago
girl with a drug problem? yes....girl with a heroin problem? no....this girl is a coke/crack addict..."minor" clues would be 'zooming' (which is a rapid ascent), the description of her skin color (or lack there of), "doctor-friend uptown", "cold WHITE flame", et al...for me, though, the MAJOR clue is, at the very end, when he refers to her antics as "the original, classic thing"; a definite reference to Coke (-a-Cola)

Ween – The Rift Lyrics 3 years ago
i know it's "Palace of Ice" but i can't help but wonder if it's also supposed to be "Palace of Vice"

Ween – Sorry Charlie Lyrics 3 years ago
very Stones-ey, this tune

Peter Frampton – Do You Feel Like We Do? Lyrics 3 years ago
in the part of the song you are referring to, at no point does he say anything even remotely close to what you're (mis)interpreting....that whole riff is based on him saying "goodnight"

Peter Frampton – Do You Feel Like We Do? Lyrics 3 years ago
in no way, shape or form does he say "i want to fuck you" ; the actual line is "i wanna THANK you"

Syd Barrett – Octopus Lyrics 3 years ago
sorry..."gong" should be preceded by "minute" not "mini" in the first line

Syd Barrett – Octopus Lyrics 3 years ago
2 points: 1) the lyric is actually "...mad CAT laughed at the man on the border"
2) i know it's incorrect but, the "little mini gong..." line i've always heard as "little mini GUN..." which, when followed by "...coughs and clears it's throat", seems to make more sense

Steely Dan – Show Biz Kids Lyrics 4 years ago
if previously mentioned, i apologize; DISCLAIMER: i usually look at most of the Dan's lyrics from the camp which believes that, more often than not, they're refering to drugs...HOWEVER, the "El Supremo" line refers to getting a touch-stronger-than-faint whiff of a cigar

Phish – Vultures Lyrics 8 years ago
the lyrics posted on here, mind-bogglingly enough, are the lyrics that are listed for this song everywhere and they are incorrect...not all of them, mind fact, the entire first part is correct but the 2nd part is undoubtedly off.....okay, first>>>>here's what the fast lyrics are:

Timing is everything, that much i know
Sometimes i'm faster and sometimes i'm slow
Assume expectation and sometimes i'm told
to go to the end of the line

But when i don't do what's expected of me
I look at the clock and i say "this can't be"
Watching it pass without reason or rhyme
I find myself drifting in time

I see the vultures moving in....

******now here's the section that is not listed ANYWHERE at all that they added at some point after 97 (i think):

Paul Utech reminds of the bible
Andromeda was used, i think, before
My guess is that i'll never name this ghost well
But i think i hear him knocking on my door

****so, there they are; the lyrics as sung by phish, not as heard by phans.....til next time

Phish – Carini Lyrics 8 years ago
the "naked dude" show was 11-6-98 Madison, Wi with the those referential lyrics inserted for the first time 2 shows later @ UIC 11-8-98.....btw, it's "lucy had a LUMPY head", not LOVELY head.....and although it started as "agillah(sp?) scared the shit out of the ram (i think)" it's been changed over time to "carini scared the shit out of the rail" (as in the RAIL that seperates the stage from the front row)..

Ween – Don't Sweat It Lyrics 9 years ago
i believe the second verse is: "are you happy with the color of your teeth?....could you use some shapin' up?"

other than that, when i hear this tune i can't help but see some sorta killer (serial, assassin, et al) sweating profusely while stalking, killing, then playing with his vistim.......and is that a gong or just the guitar effect itself on the album (The Pod)??????

Ween – Alcan Road Lyrics 9 years ago
the Alcan hwy is in Alaska...i'm going to guess that, simply put, the song is about that particular stretch of road

KISS – Deuce Lyrics 9 years ago
actually the song title is a double entendre....first, it relates to the doors tune "love me 2 times" as in orally and genitally.....also, a "deuce" is the number 2 which is a shit in potty lingo.....thus, "you know your man is workin' hard; he's worth a SHIT"

Phish – Strange Design Lyrics 9 years ago
on various versions page can clearly be heard singing "tripping in this strange design...".......i'm pretty sure it's about a psychedelic excursion

Phish – Reba Lyrics 9 years ago
this tune is autobigraphical....a bit pompous ("...what she made would be the finest in the nation"), maybe but also long as it's solely for the music, i await ghoti's return in a state of permanent salivation

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