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Katy Perry – Ur So Gay Lyrics 7 years ago
Whoever takes this song seriously, I feel bad for you. This song isn't at all to be taken serious. Yes, it's a bit stereotypical but what isn't? It's not a way to attack the gay community or homophobic.

If you ever had an ex who was more feminine than you, you should understand this song quite easily. I think this song talks about how the guy she was dating was more of a girl than her and wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to actually be gay.

Also, I think this song might be about how people use the word "gay" as an insult. You always hear people saying, "Oh, that's so gay!". I think a possible idea for the song was based off that and how people created a stereotype for gay guys.

Charlotte Sometimes – Sweet Valium High Lyrics 7 years ago
"You can have me dye my pale skin
You can beat me, I'll love you while I bruise
You can take me, drug my chapped lips
You can hurt me, I'll love you while I trip"

Basically means, no matter how much he hurts her, she's going to continue loving him.

"But do you think of her - hands on my waist?
And do you think of me when she screams your name?"

It isn't a relationship. It's just friends with benefits. There's another girl besides her.

"Don't want you to drug me up, it all just hurts too much
Don't want you to drug me up, your torture was meant to be love"

She's trying to convince herself that all the pain he puts her through is because he loves her.

"Do you want it?
'Cause when you fuck me
You are loving me and I am owning you"

She feels that they are in a relationship when they have sex.

"Do you hate me?
Want to teach me that my place with you
Is lying on my knees?"

In reality, he doesn't love her and all he is to her is just a way to get off.

"We can have a pretty house
We can have a pretty car
We can have pretty things
I know that's what you are"

This represents how much she feels about him and all the possibilities they could have if they were together.

Beyoncé – Broken-Hearted Girl Lyrics 7 years ago
I believe this song is about a guy who broke up with this girl. She was in love with him. He was probably her first true love. Since he broke up with her, she probably has no idea how to react. He tells her they can continue to be friends (or she pushes her self to be some part of his life). She's continues to be in love with him even though she doesn't want to be. She wants to be away from him but can't bring herself to leave. She's completely and utterly devoted to him no matter if she plays the best friend or just some little spec on Earth's surface. She feels the need to be part of his life no matter how terrible she feels.

Little Jackie – Liked you better before Lyrics 7 years ago
I would like to add another thing. I still believe this song is about a guy she used to date or just be friends with changed, but before she came to that conclusion, she sees it as if she's the problem. So, she tries to change herself so many times because she just wants him to like her again. She finally realizes, he doesn't care.

Hedley – Dying To Live Again Lyrics 8 years ago
this song is about realizing your mistakes and trying to have the person he hurt to forgive him.

it's fitting me perfectly right now. i'm sorry best friend for all the times i've hurt you. please give me another chance.

Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive Lyrics 8 years ago
a great song for anyone who has been through a terrible breakup.
the meaning is pretty self-explanatory. it's about a couple breaking up and the other person comes back and expects the person to be still upset about the breakup when they aren't. i love this song a lot and it helps me feel better when i feel like i have nothing else left to live for.

Amazing Baby – Headdress Lyrics 8 years ago
great song.
i think this song is about a girl who hurt this guy one time and he does it back to her when they get back together. but he didn't intentionally do it. he possibly did it because he listened to what his friends or family told him (possibly some ideas telling him she's going to hurt him again?). but after he breaks up with her, he realizes that she really does love him and she wants to be with him and that they are really made for each other and this song is about trying to get her back.

Michael Jackson – Remember the Time Lyrics 8 years ago
this song is about remembering a great relationship. i believe it's a guy who just got dumped by his girl because maybe she was thinking it was going bad and this song is about reminding her all the great things that happened in their relationship. possibly trying to find ways to keep this relationship to last?

whether i'm right or wrong, this song is great. may you rest in peace, michael jackson<3

The Kooks – She Moves in Her Own Way Lyrics 8 years ago
"Cause I'm a better man
Moving on to better things"
my favorite lyric.
so simple, yet it definitely says a lot.

Rihanna – Umbrella Lyrics 8 years ago
and another thing, to the "you had my heart" i believe it could have multiple meanings.
it could mean you have her word or maybe a relationship ended and they just wanna remain best friends and be there for each other in an non-romantic way.

Rihanna – Umbrella Lyrics 8 years ago
i think this is about being there for someone, and the whole umbrella thing shows it.
like "no matter what, if it rains, i'll be there to keep you dry" kind of thing.
and i don't think it's directly toward a relationship. it could be a friendship too.
this song is very beautifully written and completely straightforward. i don't usually listen to rihanna and music like this, but right now i can relate to it.

Ashlee Simpson – Autobiography Lyrics 8 years ago
"I walked a thousand miles while everyone was asleep"
i think this is about what they think about at night. they have a million thoughts in their head and maybe it's her thoughts on getting away from something, something a thousand miles away.

Relient K – Who I Am Hates Who I've Been Lyrics 8 years ago
this song is about mistakes the person made and realizing how stupid it was for them to act like that.
i can relate to it right now. i was being stupid with this guy last night and i'm surprised he's giving me the time of day to still talk to me.
really, it's just like someone taking over you and losing complete control over the real you. it's kinda like being paranoid about something.
and when you are too busy thinking about "what if's" and acting out on them, you don't get to realize what you really did have in the first place and how much people care about you.
i believe this song has a bit of that into it too.

Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes Lyrics 8 years ago
i loved it enough to make it my name on here.
i love this song and banana pancakes so much. :D

Dear and the Headlights – Grace Lyrics 8 years ago
this song i believe is about someone being in a relationship with someone and they try to change them to everything they are not.

"Yeah, this is love, this is all
That you could want"
sarcasm. the person is convinced that this relationship is "love" when it's not. love is about loving the person for the way they are. their lover doesn't.

"Putting on your make up
Every day before he wakes up"
"Signing up for that second semester
Because you won't marry without the degree
Once I fix things up right
You won't be so embarrassed of me"
"Let's get dolled up and play pretend"
these are all the things the person did to change. putting make up on, going to school, and having the pressure to look beautiful all the time and make it all seem alright for this person to do this to them.

"Taste the regret as it leaves your stomach
Coating your tongue with every noun
Watery eyes the only thing
That makes sense now
Spitting your insides out
Start over start over start over start over"
i think this is the end of the relationship. the "taste the regret" part is about the feelings of regretting with being with this person. they don't have to regret anymore because they left them. "watery eyes the only thing that makes sense now spitting your insides out" i believe means that they are letting go of this relationship and moving on. "start over start over start over..." means going back to being single and looking for another person to love.

Dierks Bentley – Lot of Leavin' Left to do Lyrics 8 years ago
i usually don't like country music but, right now it fits my life pretty well.
i'm with an older man who's ready to get married and have children. i, being so young, is so far from that. he's been with plenty of women and i've barely been with one. and it's since to talk about having a future but, we both know that it's gonna be a while till those plans happen.

and this is what this song is about. a guy that's not ready for a serious relationship/marriage just yet. he just wants to have fun right now.

Jack's Mannequin – What Gets You Off Lyrics 8 years ago
i love this song. it's my favorite off the new album.
i think about the guy i like every time i hear it.

Jack's Mannequin – Dark Blue Lyrics 8 years ago
"If you've ever been alone, you'll know, you'll know"

that lyric tells it all

Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love Lyrics 9 years ago
this song definitely fits my life right now. i think it means she loves this guy so much and it's almost unconditional. but, even know everyone around her thinks he's wrong for her, she believes he is perfect for her.
i used to hate this song tbh. but, i'm going through what this song is about right now. and, somehow i love it all of a sudden.

O.A.R. – Shattered Lyrics 9 years ago
i think this song is about a guy who just can't get over a girl. no matter how many times she breaks his heart, he still loves her. "how many time can i break til i shatter?"
he loves her with all of his heart and soul but, she seems not to stay faithful to him.

Little Jackie – Black Barbie Lyrics 9 years ago
this song is pretty much about everything she/her life is not. she's not perfect like "barbie".

Little Jackie – Liked you better before Lyrics 9 years ago
~woo first.

i think this song is about when a girl changes this guy. she doesn't do it on purpose. he just changes because of her lifestyle. later, they break up. and because of her, he changes into a person that is more popular and cooler. more people like him. but, she doesn't because she knows that this his is worst side. no one knows the "real" guy.

Fall Out Boy – Tiffany Blews Lyrics 9 years ago
breakfast at tiffany's reference?
title is tiffany blews

"Ohh baby you're a classic
like a little black dress"

like audrey hepburn wore in the movie.

Britney Spears – Amnesia Lyrics 9 years ago
i think this song is about this woman meeting this new guy after being in a relationship that almost headed to marriage but, they broke up.

"I forgot my boyfriend was the one that had bought me this rock
I get amnesia when Im standing next to yo-o-ou,
He's been with me for several years, I know this much is true,
Didn't know it was over, 'till you came on over,"

she's finally realizing this past relationship is over with now that she found a new guy to fall in love with. and whenever she's around him, she forgets all her problems and worries and even her phone number.

"We conversate up in my fantasies like everyday,
But I'm a dud, whenever you approach,
Like yesterday when you just came to say 'Hello'"

in her dreams, she's able to speak to this guy. but, in reality, she's so shy around him.

The Killers – Mr. Brightside Lyrics 9 years ago
i think it's about some guy falls in love with a prostitute, and she does the same.
but, being a prostitute, she has sex with different men all the time. and, it bothers him. like, he knows it is her job but, he still can't get over the fact that she has sex with different men everyday. it almost feels like she is cheating on him. even though, she isn't

The Killers – All These Things That I've Done Lyrics 9 years ago
turning to god. about having to believe in something when there is nothing else to believe in.

"And when there's nowhere else to run"

The Killers – Read My Mind Lyrics 9 years ago
i believe this song is about a couple. one person wants to break up, and the other wants it to work out so bad that they'll do anything.
the person 1 who wants to keep the relationship going doesn't really see what's wrong and probably doesn't want to.
while the person 2 thinks it's going to hell, so they wanna move on.

"it's funny how you just break down
waitin' on some sign
I pull up to the front of your driveway
with magic soakin' my spine"

this part i think is about where person 1 is trying to get a some sign from person 2. like a flirt, or kiss, or a little something showing how much they love them. the magic soaking in their spine is excitement and happiness.

"The good old days
the honest man
the restless heart
the promised land
a subtle kiss
that no one sees
a broken wrist
and a big trapeze"

about maybe when they first started going out. how it felt. maybe some kind of relationship that started in high school.

The Killers – When You Were Young Lyrics 9 years ago
this song means a lot to me right now.

"Can we climb this mountain? I don't know
Higher now than ever before
I know we can make it if we take it slow
Let's take it easy
Easy now, watch it go"

i think in this part, this mountain is the steps in this relationship. it's very young, but, they are moving very fast into it. and, if they don't slow down in this relationship, they believe their relationship with the other person won't last.

i believe this girl has been with multiple men, and everytime, she thinks he's the one or perfection. when in the end, she realizes, he wasn't as great as she thought he was.

"jesus" as meaning to a loving, caring, will-never-hurt-you man. perfection.

The Roots – Birthday Girl Lyrics 9 years ago
i love this song tbh.

Augustana – Boston Lyrics 9 years ago
this song is pretty much about leaving everything and everyone you know behind because sometimes people have to do that. sometimes people have to get away from everything somedays. you need time to yourself, and we all need that.
i love this song so much. ever since i heard it like 2 years ago, i loved it.

Little Jackie – The World Should Revolve Around Me Lyrics 9 years ago
this song is so me.
i heard it on new york goes to hollywood, and i loved it.

The Kooks – Seaside Lyrics 9 years ago
this is such a great song.
it fits my life so well at the moment.

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