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Oasis – Round Are Way Lyrics 9 years ago
i agree 100% slideaway but not just manchester, although thats probably how it was writen i think its more a picture of wroking class britain in general

From Autumn to Ashes – Take Her To The Music Store Lyrics 9 years ago
sam reckless makes a good point and youll be a memory is correct, thats where the term "take her to the music store" comes from and iv also read somewhere that it was about a friend who got raped
P.S STFU about all your wee music categories..nobody cares, want to hear something funny? i once heard FATA being described as
emo-violence, i nearly collapsed laughing, who makes up that shit?

ABBA – Mamma Mia Lyrics 9 years ago
why do you all think its so happy and upbeat? the song is about bulemia, mia is an Acronym used by sufferers who refer to the conition as a person, often in the form of a voice in their head, anyone who knows mia will know the love hate relationship she will have with you and this song sums it up perfectly

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