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Kings of Leon – California Waiting Lyrics 10 years ago
i bet this song has nooothing to do with loosing his virginity. it's a song describing an ambivalent feeling towards a person and a relationship. the guy is thinking about his relationship with this girl, it's supposed his close to this woman but he feels distant,m he just can help wondering about what's with her smile ( like monalisa: is she happy? is she sad?) probably wondering how they got to this point in which he can't connect with her. he still has feelings for her but can't go back to what it was he resorts to ways to release the emptiness he feels (I'm goin' so fast that I can't slow down
It's hard to get up when you're spinnin' round and round) can't i get back my lonely life stands in my opinion to show he won't get back to what his life before her was: because he doesn't wont it as he doesn't know how to be lonely again as much as he doesn't know how to be open in a relationship

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